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Samantha LaPorta On Venturing Into Disco With Daft Punk-Inspired Song



Daft Punk-Inspired Song

It’s good that Disco never goes out of style! Samantha LaPorta captivates everyone with a Daft Punk-inspired song titled “I Won’t Walk Away.” If you’re addicted to retro sounds, her latest single will be your new obsession. Get all the details in this exclusive interview with the Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

1 – Nowadays, there’s a Disco revival movement. Why do you believe this music trend is happening today?

I feel like the emotional roller coaster of the pandemic really got people feeling very blue and this Disco revival movement is joyful. It seems that Dua Lipa kicked it off and everyone has been joining the party.

The trend is picking up momentum, entertainment has always been an escape for when things get really tough and this song and the Disco revival is entertainment that is pure fun.

2 – Who produced your new single “I Won’t Walk Away”?

I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Jason Pennock, a producer who has worked with everyone from 2Pac to HER and even The Pussycat Dolls and Kool & the Gang.

3 – So, what made you want to venture into Disco?

I was working on an EP, some of these songs were written and recorded in Nashville with a plan to continue the recording process with my LA team but businesses were shut down, so instead there were many writing conference calls.

When it came time to record and things were still shut down, Jason Pennock, my producer sent an engineer with all of his equipment to my house. We set up a studio and recorded the music in my closet while looping in the team to simulate as if we were all in the same studio in LA.

Actually, it was a mind-blowing experience. And a lot more challenging than being in the same room.

It was during that time when Jason said he had another song that he thought I should listen to and normally I like to write the songs I record but when I heard “I Won’t Walk Away” I immediately fell in love with the Daft Punk vibe and I just knew I had to record it.

4 – Please tell us more about the production process.

The production is a modern twist on an old-school recording session. The musicians are real they’re not plug-ins that’s what gives the song that Daft Punk vintage-esque vibes. Add to this, the synths, the guitars, and all of the drumming.

I love listening to the stems of each of the instruments, it’s just layers and layers of real music!

6 – Do you have any secret formula for making people dance?

For me, it’s all about the beat. when you see people sitting around starting to move to the beat, you know you’re onto something.

7 – What do you think about TikTok dance challenges? Are you looking forward to going viral with “I Won’t Walk Away”?

Wouldn’t that be amazing? I would love to see all the different TikTok dances that people create.

8 – Are you ready to do live performances or is it still too early for you?

I am so ready for live performances again. I did the social media live performing, it’s just not the same as feeling the energy and the reaction from the people in the room, so I can’t wait to get back.

9 – Are you planning on releasing a Disco album or do you prefer to keep exploring different styles?

I have had other songs that have been remixed by DJs with a Disco vibe, but “I Won’t Walk Away” is the first song that I’ve put out under this genre. I love Dance music from Dua Lipa but I also like exploring other styles such as ballads and RnB from artists like Adele and H.E.R.

10 – If there’s a Disco diva, dead or alive, that you would like to collaborate with, who would it be, why?

If you’re talking Disco divas it would have to be Donna Summer but when I visualize “I Won’t Walk Away” I think of John Travolta walking down the streets of Brooklyn And the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack that the Bee Gees created that is absolutely fantastic so many years later – now that would be an amazing collaboration!



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