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Samir Issa Takes You Back In Time With Old-School House Music



Samir Issa
Samir Issa
is well-known for bringing out housey vibes that make your ears happy and your feet move. His new release “Parks And Mountains” is a perfect example of a refreshing old-school style, using a measured mix of analog drum machines and synths.

Hailing from South Jersey, the 24-year-old producer will surprise you with a nostalgic groove that reminds you of what truly House music is about.

Beyond question, you can expect a spark of fun beats and rapid-fire rap rhymes which create moments of joy. Needless to say, this tune also awakens sweet memories on the dance floor.

With that solid classic bassline, what else can you ask for?…

Samir Issa knows how to weave the old-school and the new into his own authentic sound. Go listen and judge for yourself.

Armed with a slick flow, “Parks And Mountains” is basically the outcome of being active in the underground scene for over 8 years. Indeed, producing, writing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering is a piece of cake for this charismatic artist.

Already planning live shows for Fall 2022, Samir Issa won’t stop channeling his emotions via his unmatched compositions.

Moreover, he can think of nothing less pleasurable than a life devoted to creating music.



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