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SCANDAL! Ibiza Clubs Raided In Operation Chopin



SCANDAL! Police Raided Ibiza Clubs | Operation Chopin
In Amnesia, two million euros in cash were seized after the police hammered certain walls and corners of the club, as well as the offices of the disco due to tax evasion. Hundreds of documents were seized in order to scrutinize in detail all the registers of the commercial activity of the club, among the most profitable of the island. The two owners were taken to the police station for vigorous interrogation, as well as the accountant and legal counsel of the establishment. Later, at the end of the season, it was learned that the club owner, Martin Ferrer and his son (known for his pseudonym Mar-T) were both on parole.

A little more than 300,000 euros were seized. During the last summer, the Space, the Privilege, the Pacha and the Ushuaia also saw the arrival of nearly 40 Spanish tax officials accompanied by police officers, some of them armed. They were installed for long hours in the offices of the apprehended clubs to count receipts estimated at several millions of euros in cash, which had then to be crosschecked with the official registers.

Ibiza Clubs Raided In Operation Chopin

In total, with this operation “Chopin”, the Iberian government will have controlled on its national territory nearly 90 establishments during the summer. Clubs and discotheques which represent more than 20% of the turnover of the entertainment industry in Spain. But as paradoxical as it may seem, despite the seizures made, no club was placed in administrative closure.

More surprisingly, one of the oldest clubs on the island, the Pacha, was put up for sale in this very special context. The muscular control did not worry the historic owner, Ricardo Urgell, eager to sell his business to the highest bidder. The group with cherries (10 clubs, 2 hotel complexes, 4 restaurants, 9 fashion boutiques and its own recording entity) has been put on sale without any preventive measures. Valued at 500 million euros, the cherry franchise would ultimately have been sold to a group named Trilantic for 350 million euros, without even waiting for the conclusions of the tax investigation.

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