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Schönes Thema & David Owens “Girl On The Balcony”



Schönes Thema & David Owens "Girl On The Balcony"
David grew up in the west of Ireland. A small town called Galway. Early on, with 5 years, he discovered his passion for music and piano began to play. At Christmas 2004 he got his first guitar, an old Epiphone, paid. A few years later he began to write his first songs, inspired by the folk singers Crosby, Stills and Nash, Ocean Colour Scene as well as of Bon Iver.

In summer 2012 he finally began regularly in pubs his hometown occur. After his studies in mathematics, graduating with honors, he worked until 2013 as a software engineer in a multinational company. He decided his calling to hang up and to pull a camper through Europe. He also made his first experiences as a street musician, as a “busker”. These were at first very spectacular. But he quickly realized that he could earn with his music enough money to pay for his vagabond life.

This was a decisive turning point in his life. He never looked back and played in the next few years in many European countries, always on the street, in parks, under bridges. Gradually, he gained a loyal fan base in Ireland, England, Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Spain around.

But if you ask him what his favorite place is where he plays his “busking spot”, the answer is clear: The Mauerpark in Berlin. Davids style is often described as “Acoustic Indie”. But it differs greatly from other singer / songwriters. It varies and playing with different “picking” techniques slow songs, dominated by a soft voice, usually in a high Falcetto. Superseded turn of rapid folk songs which stir his audience with a strange feeling of happiness to tears.

His successful path as a musician, he writes less a natural talent, but rather hard, daily work. Work itself, his musical abilities, and particularly on the distinctive characteristics of his voice, his singing style. The point is to develop his own handwriting and perfect in all areas.

Street music is hard work. Every day, it is important to inspire his audience. The direct contact with the audience demands a passion and an absolute focus on music. Lyrics occur on the road, are stimulated and influenced by experienced on the road and the reaction of the audience.

The special feature of the street music is the direct connection between art and reception, the direct feedback of the audience to the artist. Unbelievable when partially several hundred listeners crowded together, see and listen to the music. This directness, this honesty makes the difference. Since 2015 David are also many concerts in clubs and is hired by major brands such as VW etc.

David now lives in Berlin and Dublin, still all day on the road. One can show his “intimate” call, the beat is always higher at the end of the heart of his audience than before.


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You’ll Listen To This Song On Loop For Hours, “Drowning” By Armen Paul



Armen Paul - Drowning
Armen Paul
‘s “Drowning” is surely an Indie Pop song you will listen to on loop for hours. With his velvet-smooth singing voice, he lends an important message of empathy. Of course, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes is not an easy task for those of you who aren’t highly sensitive like artists. For this reason, his dense lyricism is worthy of admiration. “Drowning” was inspired by feelings of anguish that someone can feel during isolation and the fear of asking for help. Check it out!

In this song, Armen Paul speaks the same language of thousands of people that were deeply affected by the pandemic. Immediately, listeners will connect with his fervent verses and understand there’s always a helping hand even at the most critical moments. On a side note, “Drowning” was produced by Rad Cat (Blackbear, Mike Posner, T-Pain)  and it’s impossible not to get hooked by its contemporary sound. At the end of the day, if this fabulous tune is not yet on heavy radio rotation, then you won’t mind when it gets stuck in your head.



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DeMute Unveils Beautiful Chill Melodies To Listen To After A Breakup



chill melodies produced by Demute
“The Door”
by DeMute is a beautiful song that evokes memories and brings back nostalgic times instantly. In some way, the chill melodies become the best companion to examine the past. If I’m not mistaken, “The Door” talks about someone who wants to repair a broken relationship. Essentially, lyrics offer vivid imagery and strong emotions, which is enough to capture your ear.

This time the British talent who is also known for producing EDM gems intertwines chill melodies with Pop. Magically, here the piano keys put listeners in a trance. What’s more, the vocalist conveys the message of a wounded heart that yearns to be back with his lover. If you’re actually going through the ups and downs of a breakup, “The Door” will be so relatable on many levels. Stream it below via Spotify.

Learn More About DeMute

– Location

– What are you known for?
Fusing EDM, House, Chill-House, and Pop.

– Have you collaborated with a popular producer or artist?
Yes, TaySounds (

– Have you received coverage in local or international media?
As a DJ, I was featured on Pulse Radio.

– How much experience or expertise do you have in music?
Over 10 years of experience.

– Studies?
My father was a professional musician and use to play in the famous Cavern where the Beetles played.

– Music Influences, genre
Anything EDM but love listening to Funk D’Void.

– Aspirations or hopes
My mission is to release great music that people enjoy.

– Achievements or awards, accomplishments
Ghost collaborated with a few artists that became hits.

– Other interesting details about your life and personality 
I live for music.

– Album release date
Coming soon.

– Record label or Indie
Zobe Records & Indie.



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Meet Nathan Fink, An Emerging Indie Musician From East Tennessee



Nathan Fink - Sunshine From The Rain
Hailing from East Tennessee, Nathan Fink is making his mark on the indie music scene with “Sunshine From The Rain. The extraordinary debut single from the emerging musician enters the category of acoustic soft songs. Working at a chemical lab by day, writing songs by night, he started playing the guitar at 12. Having a natural talent for crafting his own songs with emotive lyrics and soul-stirring vocals is really impressive. Be sure to give it a listen right here via Spotify.

Musically speaking, you will notice his influences range from Americana, Folk, and Alt-Country music. In point of fact, he considers himself a huge fan of Eric Church who paved the way for today’s remarkable Nashville artists. Genuinely, “Sunshine From The Rain” produced by Jake Skinner, has meaningful vibes as it pulls you to questioning life and your relationship with the person you love. In addition, the sing-along chorus is packed with contagious energy. Not to mention, its bright message makes it a proper masterpiece. I hope you enjoy it and keep an eye out on his socials below.



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