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Scientists Claim Cure For Stress With Music



 Listening to one’s favourite music can help activate internal energy and concentration. In fact, right kind of music can help anyone beat stress during difficult times. While loud music, such as Dubstep or Heavy Metal can be a source of noise or distraction for many of us. Health experts (psychiatrists) say music can also be used as a pill to de-stress.
 Music is known to have stress relieving effect, provided the wavelength of music played matches with the emotional wavelength of the listener, which could be a patient, a student or any other human being. It is, in fact, an individualised therapy that takes note of specific mood, taste and timing to show the desired effect. The appropriate music actually helps to control palpitation along with increasing the concentration level and activating internal energy. There is a general feeling of calmness of mind and music also brings soothing effect in the surroundings, acting as stress buster.

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