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Seapora’s Multidimensional Approach To Music | Album Out September 17th



Seapora's Multidimensional Approach To Music | Album Out September 17thSeapora: “The Multidimensional Being Project is about multiple genres, eclectic styles and various lyrical concepts”

Meet SEAPORA: an eclectic musical artist who exudes a beautiful combination of soul infused tribal and bohemian sensibilities fused with metropolitan, electronic flare. Seapora elaborates on musical motifs experienced on her 2011 EP release, ‘Ice in Water‘ and her 2012 single release ‘Cross the line.’ Now she is about to release herbrand new album ‘SEAPOP‘ – an album filled with moving lyrics and addicting electronic beats that will leave the listener longing for more.

SEAPORA: “I’ve been working on Seapop for the past three years. It’s part of a trilogy of three albums called the Multidimensional Being Project and is the first album in the series. The Multidimensional Being Project is about multiple genres, eclectic styles and various lyrical concepts. I want to take my fans on an enjoyable musical journey and connect all of us through a myriad of sounds.”

Seapora has been collaborating with many producers and musicians from around the world and combining different vocal styles within a dynamic group of genres. She studied electronic music composition and has been devoted to creating ethereal and upbeat, heart pounding music as well as melancholic, electronic-indie style compositions. Her music creates a fusion between the industrial, fast-moving city culture and the natural landscapes of the forest and ocean. Seapora, originally from California, credits the topography of her homeland for the resonance she feels with the natural realm as well as big city living.

SEAPORA: “Tzipporah means singing bird in Hebrew. and my grandmother was always singing to me. She inspired me to sing and I took that name, singing bird, and I made Seapora out of it. Seapora combines sea and pora. I am a Pisces and the sea inspires me to write music and pora comes from the word porous, which represents my open and reflective nature. Seapora also relates to how I would like my fans to receive my music, as I hope it “seaps” deep into their “pores.”



1. Sojourn
2. War and Fame
3. Remember me
4. All you Need
5. Stop the Show
6. Elation
7. Cross the Line
8. Catch me
9. Rocketship



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