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The global market is rapidly expanding and growing. The same is about Canada. The internet has widened the possibilities of internal and external business, so the competition is getting higher and higher. How can a company survive and scale in such an intensively competitive online environment? Of course, it is possible with an elaborated digital marketing strategy, where Search Engine Optimization is one of the most essential elements for the long-run perspective. Let us dig deeper into the concept of SEO services, and how they can boost your business in Canada.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Well, this marketing approach includes a set of actions aimed to reach your business goals by improving your company’s visibility on the Internet market in search engines. Basically, a digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO services will focus on On-Page or Off-Page (or both) strategies, aimed to improve your ranking on Google.

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On-Page search engine optimization includes moderation of all text content, visual content, tags and meta tags, alternative texts for images, as well as some technical issues that would improve the users’ experience and engagement with your web pages.

Off-Page SEO, also known as link-building is a part of content marketing and includes posting articles on external platforms with links to your source. It helps to increase your online presence and if managed appropriately, prove your expertise in the field.

Why are SEO services important for business development?

Until now, Google is the leading source of information, where people here in Canada go, when they are looking for any product or service providers. The research says that search engine results of the 1st page gain approximately 80% of traffic, so your task is that your website is among these 1st ten results, and these are SEO services that can help you hit the target. How? You should prove to Google that your website is interesting, useful, and relevant for Internet users.

How SEO search will benefit your conversion optimization?

First of all, site optimization together with content marketing will help a potential client find your business and get to know about it. The higher your website ranks in Google search results, the more chances the businesses have to be seen, and the better is your return on investment. An SEO expert will help you to optimize your e-Commerce website, build a correct and effective content campaign, update web design and functionality, improve customer service and the quality of general experience of the client with your website and company, which in final result lead to higher conversions and boost of sales.

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How long does it take for SEO campaigns to start bringing results?

If we are talking about internet marketing strategies, search engine optimization needs at least 3 (but more often 6 months) to start actually showing its efficiency. And the more ambitious are your goals, the more patience you need. Thus, local SEO search will take fewer resources and time than if, e.g., you want to rank high in Toronto or the whole Canada. But in any case, SEO services are not about rapid changes. If you need to boost sales now, combine your SEO efforts with email marketing, social media marketing, PPC, etc.

How to find and choose a professional search engine optimization agency?

There are so many SEO companies in Canada. But if you want to work with the best SEO experts team who will really help grow your business, you should do a little market research and check reviews, of course. Unfortunately, there are many agencies who know that the SEO process is hard to estimate or measure and use this point to pump money from their clients. Do not trust SEO agencies that give 100% guarantees, promise fast effects, ask for no information, or give no suggestions. It is very likely that these guys are not really going to boost your company. Before you sign up for a contract, an SEO agency should provide you with a brief analysis of your website’s technical and ranking situation, and give you some tips on what can and should be done to improve your position. Once you have chosen an SEO company to work with, the team should elaborate a strict plan of actions which step by step will be implemented to your website and content to attract more organic traffic and potential clients. You should also receive monthly reports with performed works and effects.

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IntlTech, an international driven digital marketing, web design, and development agency in Toronto, Canada

IntlTech is an international web development, design, and digital marketing company with a head office in Toronto, Canada. We have gathered a team of professional and talented specialists in the sphere of direct marketing, public relations, and web development to help our customers boost their businesses. We provide a wide range of services, especially in digital marketing: SEO, PPC, social media marketing, Facebook and Instagram ads, e-mail marketing, and more.

The members of our SEO firm specialize both in general and local SEO, knowing the specifics of Canadian clients and consumers, making sure every coin you invest into your SEO marketing campaign brings maximum benefit and profit.

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