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The Secret Of Making A DJ Press Kit Like The Rich And Famous



The Secret Of Making A DJ Press Kit Like The Rich And Famous
If you want to book gigs, get reviews or find A&R reps like the rich and famous then you will need a good DJ Press Kit to sell your story. Believe it or not, this promotional package is sometimes your first connection to club owners, booking agents, music bloggers, and even recording companies.

The purpose of a DJ press kit is to tell a potential contact who you are. In such case, copywriters get this information to use as teasers to advertise your upcoming single or album. Likewise, your press kit will help a blogger or journalist fill in the gaps for an editorial piece written about your DJ career. Furthermore, television and radio PR agents could use this information to tell your story and pass it along to their audience.

What exactly does a DJ Press Kit contain?

Nowadays, your DJ press kit can be sent by email or downloaded from your website. This version is probably the most popular way to reach people these days. Your promotional package should contain as much of the following material as possible:

  • Photos and logo
  • SoundCloud/Spotify links to your music
  • Biography
  • Tour schedule
  • Press clippings of reviews or editorials
  • YouTube videos
  • Include all your social media accounts

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The Golden Rule Is…

This collection of information should be as accurate as possible, covering all the highlights of your DJ career in a quick and easy read. So, don’t over-do it with too much copy and text. The people who receive press kits are very busy and they don’t have a lot of time to entertain themselves through a stack of information. In fact, they may even pass on a package that’s filled with too much content.


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