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Shaelyn Avalon Shares Insights On Her New Music Video, “My Time”



Shaelyn Avalon music video interview My Time

Get ready for an illuminating interview with American Pop artist Shaelyn Avalon, where she spills the beans on how she brought her latest single, “My Time, to life. Not only that, but she’s also revealing interesting details of the awesome music video that goes with it.

1 — What inspired you to write your newest song “My Time”?

“My Time” in particular is about overcoming so many things, people, struggles, and just sort of grappling with fighting off all of these things throughout the course of my life, but especially through 2022.

2 — Did any specific experiences influence the songwriting?

I just overall felt tugged in so many directions, hence the vines. I think that was my favorite thing we got to really bring to life symbolically. Different life events threw my life out of control – loss, surgery, and survivor’s guilt. I was overcoming different types of abuse all at once as well as struggling with CPTSD and finally arrived at a place where I can show up for myself and defend myself. I was gaslit and taken advantage of in the past because I was so vulnerable after losing my mother. Fake friends, people wanting to exploit me for their own agendas, I went into a cocoon and just took a break after being so overloaded. It didn’t feel like I was in control of my own life for a long time and all I wanted was to prove them wrong. This song became more than that though. Once all the toxicity oozed out of my life, it became a launching point for more music.

3 — Can you share your favorite lyric line? What makes it special?

“Killed my light inside but somehow I still survived” – there are so many things that made me feel dead inside the past two years. Two days after my surgery my mother passed away suddenly from a heart attack. I had to just keep surviving hit after hit with that. From 2020-2021 I was unable to really focus on music because of my health problems, but something I never publicly addressed is I did have a stalker at the time, and he was dangerous enough for me to have to file a restraining order against. It was a time I should have been able to focus on honoring my mom’s death, and instead I was receiving packages at my door that had hidden cameras, disturbing and sometimes violent texts, and being scared of walking home alone. It was all too much. The fact that I’m still in one piece is nothing short of a miracle.

4 — Do you believe the music video fits the overall narrative of this single?

Absolutely yes. I took a lot of time creating my storyboard for this song, working on getting every detail just right, and ultimately finally feeling like I had accomplished what I wanted to with visuals, costumes, and hair.

The hair took a couple of tries to get right. I actually dyed my hair from blonde to copper for this video specifically, and then I got sick, I postponed maybe twice and then finally I got the shade of red right, I was healthy, and the video came out even better than it would have if we had gone with my original date.

The fairy in a forest idea was mine, and it was very important to me that we didn’t cut any corners with how we made the vines move. It needed to look like they were fighting me and I was fighting back. Breaking free from the vines is symbolic of me breaking free from all the things that caused me pain, both emotionally and physically.

5 — How many shooting days were involved in creating the music video for “My Time”? Where did the filming take place?

We shot this video in just one day, in about two hours. The video took many more hours to plan, promote, and edit, then there’s playlisting the single, and sending it off to my publishers. There’s a lot that goes into just one project that I’m very much a part of. I don’t just go and shoot the video and it’s over, I’m there editing along with my team and giving notes throughout the day, doing press, and all that fun stuff. I’m a bit of a workaholic with that aspect of things so I’m working on bringing on a larger team to help me keep a better work/life balance moving forward.

6 — Can you describe the significance or symbolism behind the costume you wore in these visuals?

The fairy costume was my favorite music video outfit I have EVER worn. I wanted to pay homage to my past EP ‘Wonderland’ with the fairytale theme and built off of that. I also was heavily inspired by The Winx Saga, which was a show I clung to when I was really struggling to remember who I was in the early days of my grief. Powerful women that are also vulnerable inspire me to be the best version and the most hopeful version of myself.

Shaelyn Avalon Interview 2023
7 — What response do you hope to evoke in listeners through this tune?

I want to give them something to enjoy, but also I want to give them something bigger than myself. The message can be taken so many ways and I know for me, personally, I have never loved a song I wrote more than this one and one other unreleased song on the album. They feel like the perfect blend between nostalgic and assertive. This is definitely a power anthem. I want to show that it’s okay to be angry and that sometimes that anger is justified. Our bodies regulate emotions to protect us from harm, if I hadn’t gotten angry and stopped taking all the things that I was being dealt with, I could not have come to this place I’m at now.

8 — Are you currently working on a new album or planning live performances?

Yes, the album is currently called ‘Redemption,’ this is chapter one so chapter two is gonna really build on that and so on. It’s all very exciting to see these stories that mean so much to me, both influenced by my imagination and through books and movies I love, come to life in a way that I didn’t think would be possible unless I was signed with a major label. If that happens or not is yet to be seen. I am hoping to find one that lets me exercise my creative vision and believes in me when the timing is right.

9 — Do you feel 2023 is truly your time to shine?

I feel like this is the year I’m really gonna get to put my plans into action that I’ve cooked up over the past year. I’ve plotted my return like a boomerang and really have had more fun creating easter eggs for fans, teasers, and recording than ever. It’s so cool to have all my material stocked up and now finally be at peace and get to be in the creative process of retelling instead of in the thick of it all. What I’m most looking forward to is seeing fan responses to the music video and then seeing them connect all the dots between the upcoming videos and songs. My longtime fans know the timeline, they know the guys I’ve dated, the places I’ve been, things I have struggled with – and I have no doubt in my mind that my relationship with them is gonna really thrive in this era. This is as much for me as it is for them. I disappeared for almost two years. It’s “My Time” now.

10 — Finally, if you could stop time for a day, what would be the first thing you would do or explore?

I would go to New York and Paris to live out my Gossip Girl fantasy. The whole day would be spent at the spa, then shopping, and finished with a celebratory Blair Waldorf-style party.



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