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Shaelyn Avalon Talks New Single “Heartstrings” In Interview




Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter Shaelyn Avalon returns with “Heartstrings”, the newest single from her 6-track EP ‘Wonderland’. She chatted with Electro Wow about the most important details behind its production and music video. Get to know the rising talent from Los Angeles a little better in our Q&A below.

1 — Congratulations on your new music video for your latest single “Heartstrings”. Where was it filmed? How long did it take you to film it?

Thank you! So excited to be interviewing with you again by the way. The video was all shot in one day in Downtown Los Angeles. The studio we shot at was located in the fashion district where I’d done a lot of photoshoots already so I was pretty familiar with the staff and soundstages. Since I executive produced the video I chose all the locations, wardrobe, and cast the video alongside my director, Paul.

2 — What’s the message behind the visuals?

I’m really into symbolism in my lyrics, the looking in the mirror shots are sort of like looking at my past self and reflecting on my past relationship. The song tells the story of a toxic relationship I was in, not wanting to leave someone but realizing how strong I could really be on my own. I needed to be in that relationship so that I could really discover who I am, so for that, I am grateful. The whole aftermath of it all was Wonderland as a whole. A lot of people will try and guess who each song is about and I’m fairly open about it. The EP goes in chronological order so it will walk you through my breakup, dating again, being content single and everything in between.

3 — Is there any funny anecdote from filming this clip?

I literally told the actor who played my ex-boyfriend “Ready to fake breakup?” and it kept cracking me up! He was a real trooper and we’re friends now! He and my real life boyfriend got along really well on set too so it was a good time.

Shaelyn Avalon music video

Photographed, Shaelyn and Jonathan Fox – ex-boyfriend in “Heartstrings”

4 — Where did you find inspiration when making the lyrics of this song?

So… funny story actually, I wrote the song in the back of an Uber on my way to a recording session. I never wound up releasing the song I went to record ironically. It was a cover of an Alli Simpson song I believe. Anyway, I’m a really nostalgic person so on the drive over I started looking out the window and all I could think of was the fact that my ex wanted me to “need him” and how mad that made me. All these thoughts just came flooding into my mind and I decided to take back the narrative and not let myself be sad anymore. It was unhealthy and it took a long time to piece myself back together after that. That’s why my favorite part of the video is when I move on and really become me. I use the phrase “the old Shaelyn is dead” (like Taylor Swift) because in a sense it’s true. The old me would never stand up for herself. My confidence shot through the roof after I “cut the wire”.

5 — What are you most proud of with this new release?

This video is just so ME. I texted my mom after it’s release and she agreed that this is everything I’ve always embodied as a performer. I come from a theater background and in that world everything is dramatic and over the top, which I love! It feels a lot more personal than anything I’ve put out in the past since I went through it and it had such a big impact on me.

Shaelyn Avalon Heartstrings interview
6 — Complete this sentence: “When someone listens to “Heartstrings”, I want them to…”

…see red flags that I didn’t in my situation and not have to go through all that, or to be able to listen and heal if they have gone through it.

7 — Who collaborated with you during its recording process?

I worked with Simon Jay and Luke Shrestha on the EP but primarily Simon on “Heartstrings”. My behind the scenes video of the recording of the song is still my most watched video on YouTube.

8 — How different is “Heartstrings” from your previous singles?

It’s the song where I don’t hold back. That’s something that can be scary but so rewarding at the same time. I live-streamed the video’s premiere with my fans on Instagram and the response was overwhelmingly positive! With Seventeen there wasn’t as much at stake, it’s such a happy song with an upbeat feel. “Heartstrings” is more emotional and the song I feel most connected to.

9 — If you could re-record this track, what would you change?

I don’t know if I would change anything, I see each body of work as a part of my journey and I like looking back on where I was at musically and emotionally to push myself forward.

10 — Finally, where is the direction you’re headed with your music in the near future?

The new stuff I’m working on is a lot more focused on vocals, some stuff has a flirty vibe, some has undertones of redemption. It’s more mature for sure.



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