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Shallou & Origami Human Unite For Stunning New EP — LISTEN



Origami Human
Electronic music producer Shallou is doing something out of the box alongside Origami Human. And when I say his new two-track EP is stunning I really mean it!

Without question, experimenting with synths, textures, instrumentals, and beats is a great way for artists to push the boundaries of their imagination. Positively, this is exactly the case with the infectious EP below.

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Contrary to what many believe, I think those emotionally charged vocals actually enhance the rhythm and make it even more club-friendly. As a result, Shallou and Origami Human deliver a seriously dynamic and cutting-edge sound impossible to ignore – it’s just too good!

Besides, you will notice remarkable transitions between different sections of these songs. This surely indicates that Shallou knows the golden rule of designing a good flow.

There’s also a sense of progression that keep these gems evolving second per second while creating an impressive listening experience. You have to judge it by yourself and decide whether this EP is a testament to Shallou’s versatility in music. Lastly, it’s hard to pick a favorite one, but what’s clear is that high-quality releases are on the horizon. Stay tuned.



By Erick Ycaza

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