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Shaving Tips for Male Models



Shaving Tips for Male Models For men preparing for male modelling auditions, it is important to note that there are certain things that need to be considered for a healthy result. Most pimples and skin rashes results from poor shaving techniques, and these are something that you can control by yourself. Here are some of the things that you should consider before starting to shave next time you need to. You have to wet your beard before starting to shave. The reason for this is to reduce the chances of getting a shaving rash or cutting yourself, and also avoid annoying skin irritation as a result of dry shaving. Another merit of working wet is to ensure that the hair becomes easy to cut, as water wakens hair. Chances of your bruising your skin in the process of shaving are then fewer. The brush is more efficient at wetting or lathering your beard than your fingers. You need to use a brush to reach all the parts of your beard and make for easy shaving. Do not rush to shave your beard after applying the gel, or even before doing it. Make some time to shave if you want to do it properly instead of rushing and ending up with untidy sections or rashes and cuts. It is advisable to wait between two and three minutes after applying the lather to allow it to sit well on the beard. Your shaving cream needs to be of good quality to ensure that it works as perfectly as expected. This should also apply to the type of razor that you plan to use, as poor quality products easily break and bruise you. Moreover, poor quality razors may not be able to cut all the hair as close as required or they might not provide uniform results. Avoid repeating blades after a single usage. It is important to have many blades change them after every single usage. The reason for this is to maintain hygiene and ensure that the blades are strong enough to shave your beard properly. Follow the way your hair flows as you shave to avoid hurting yourself in the process – never go against the grain. There are high chances of causing cuts that lead to secondary infections, which end up distorting your looks and also giving you in growing hairs. Understand the way your hair flows and follow the same routine every time you use your razor, especially when preparing for modelling auditions.

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