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Shocking Photos! Satanic DJ Looks Like The Devil



Shocking new evidence proves Satan is a DJ!
The Devil Man of Colombia

Caim Mortis, 42, has spent 11 years modifying his body with dramatic results. He is also known as “The Devil Man of Colombia“, and is lauching his new career as a DJ this Halloween.

Caim said: “I have always been heavily into music, especially Latin styles, EDM and world fusion and I have been training as a DJ for many months.I am excited to bring this unique concept and theme and people will definitely enjoy our show.”

As a result of his body overhaul Caim’s devout Catholic family rejected him and he moved from Colombia to Mexico where people are more accepting. He proudly sports black tattooed eyeballs, multiple horn implants and piercings, scroll down to see the photos of this strange DJ character.

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satanic DJ

DJ devil man


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