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Silent Disco an Alternative & Innovative Way of Partying



The silent disco parties have swept countless European clubs and music festivals. For silent disco attendees, it’s a slamming dance time; but those walking by don’t hear a thing. Silent disco is an alternative and innovative way of partying that consists of using FM transmitter to deliver music to attendees’ wireless headphones, instead of using loud music speakers to deliver music to the dance floor. This cutting edge sound delivery means that each individual is also free to tune into their own choice of music.
 Silent disco parties started in 2005 in The Netherlands with a music company by the name of 433fm. They started their journey performing in small music festivals around Germany and The Netherlands, but their popularity quickly traveled around the European continent and around the globe. Since then, silent discos has been picked up and used around United States as activities for music festivals, all the way from small local festivals to huge events.
This phenomenon not only benefits the musician by creating a more intense, personalized experience for the listeners, but it also diminishes the renowned problem of noise pollution that is familiar to many music venues. The utilization of headphones also allows for parties to be held in a more outdoor and open venues, and permits parties to be held later at night due to their quiet nature.

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