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Silver Circle – Monster Cat Mix 2016



Silver Circle - Monster Cat Mix 2016
Silver Circle
is back with a surprising mix, and of course, he’s not new on our blog. At the beginning of the year, we had an interview, in which I discovered many interesting facts about this creative artist. His strength lies in his unique style and not being afraid to mix the old with the new. With that in mind, Silver Circle demonstrates he is brave enough to be original and I like the way he breaks the mould with his DJing technique on the Monster Cat Mix 2016. In my opinion, a fantastic blend of Dubstep, Trap, Electro and Drum and Bass music. This guy is wowing dance floors across the world as usual. Surely, more than one can check his efficiency below:

The Monster Cat Mix 2016  was recorded for a DJ competition on Splice, the cloud platform for music creation, collaboration and sharing. After a listen, you’ll be 100% satisfied with this fresh mix. It would be fair to say that we should repay his dedication and effort with a vote by making a click on the heart icon ❤ via the Splice player (click here).

It is clear, Silver Circle has a rapidly growing fan following  thanks to all the praises for EDM Mix #1 by both critics and fans. The tracklist contains BIG dance music hits, but what makes this DJ mix special is definitely his signature skill to put all the tracks together in a harmonious way. You’ll have lots of fun with this!


1 – A True Music Gem
2 – A Perfect Playlist
3 – This Remarkable Accomplishment
4 – Guaranteed To Make The House Shake
5 – Clever, Vibrant and Passionate
6 – “With a Bang”
7 – “Epic..Talent”
8 – EDM’s Viral Sensation of 2016!
9 – “Legendary Moments”
10 – “Making Waves”
11 – “Elaborate Spectrum”
12 – “Worth Your Time”
13 – “Please Your Ears”
14 – Featured on Jamsphere Magazine



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