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Simulated Youth Gives Interview On ‘Digital Memories’ And Music Career



Simulated Youth
In this exclusive interview, electronic music producer Simulated Youth offers his first impressions on the brand new EP ‘Digital Memories.’ You can also read about his music career, future plans, and more details below.

1 – How would you describe your electronic music style in just three words?

Belligerent yet beautiful.

2 – Are you musically trained or self-taught?

Self-taught, although I definitely follow more of an improvised approach to music, and I do not currently study or try to practice much traditional music theory.

3 – What motivated you to start your music career this year?

I was heavily into music production, mainly Rap music back in high school and I took what was essentially a 10-year hiatus from making music to focus on college and work. During the pandemic last year, I had significantly more time at home and decided to revive my past hobby of music. Now I am trying to see how far I can take it.

4 – What’s your source of inspiration when creating music?

Usually, I think about some sort of theme, whether social/economic/political (“Ghost in the Machine”), or something more from the science-fiction or future-looking side (“NBT,” Digital Memories”). I try to build from the instrumental side to get the right tone until I feel like it’s ready to work on lyrics/vocals.

5 – Do you think the “Digital Memories” EP is so far your best production to date? If so, why?

Sure, it’s probably my best production so far. I’ve received nothing but positive comments about the mix/master, but also subjectively it must be good as it’s been by far my best performing song in terms of streaming numbers in barely 2 weeks since release, and with minimal playlist promotion.

6 – What message are you trying to send your fans about relationships?

When I first made the instrumental, the song was still called “Digital Memories” but it was more planning to be about looking back and reflecting on life, the good times and the bad times, etc. But then after talking more with the two vocalists, we decided it made more sense to focus on ending relationships in the modern age. So both Rielle and Camoragi were quite involved in the “story aspect” this time around.

The main message is essentially just that when you end relationships these days, it isn’t like you will never see the other person again. Even if you never physically see them, you will still come across them on social media and all over the Internet, hence the name, “Digital Memories.”

7 – How did you come up with the idea to collaborate with Rielle and Camoragi?

This was my first time collaborating with Rielle, but I have collaborated a few times before with Camoragi, most notably as she did the vocals on my track “NBT.” I met both through the Indie Music Feedback Discord group, and after hearing their other work, I thought that both vocal styles would work well with what I had in mind for this release.

8 – What has been the most difficult and rewarding part of producing this material?

For this particular song, it was actually quite easy to produce due to the high quality of both sets of vocals sent to me. I always find mixing vocals to be the most challenging part of finishing a song, but that wasn’t the case this time around.

9 – Are you keen on dropping music videos anytime soon?

I hope to release a lyric video for “Digital Memories” within the next two weeks. It will not be anything major on the production side, but I have some cool data mosh style effects in mind.

10 – Any words of advice for indie musicians scared to make the first move?

My biggest advice would be for new musicians, in general, to seriously reconsider using any sort of loop app (like Splice App) or MIDI packs or loop packs, etc. because at the end of the day they are just copying/pasting melodies and sounds and ideas that other people made. This is why there are like 60,000 songs uploaded to Spotify daily. If these “cheat codes” didn’t exist, that would be significantly less music flooding the limited number of listeners the world has.



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