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Simulated Youth Tells The Ugly Truth About Greed With Dark Dance Music



dark dance
Get your ears ready! There’s no other way to enjoy dark dance music than with Simulated Youth‘s releases. Genuinely accompanied by shattering electronic beats + dreamy synths, the new song “Money In My Tummy” is here to disturb the peace of greedy people.

Unlike the artist’s previous single “Digital Memories,” this one features a funny and danceable tone. Certainly, humor is the good-natured side of truth. In such a case, the repetitive lyrics of “Money In My Tummy” portray plain sincerity towards wealth obsession.

Independent singer Rielle is doing the highly energetic vocals, which reminded me a bit of Shampoo, a female duo from the UK that reached popularity back in the 90s. Peculiarly, she instills an old-school vibe in your mind.

For listeners wanting some real ground-shaking stuff, make sure to press play below.

Sticking to his dark dance formula, Simulated Youth will keep exploring unorthodox synthesized patterns while he veers into ethereal/introspective territories. The more experiments he makes through these unique productions the better.

Besides that, the talented music maker has announced his debut album is coming out in 2022 as well as live performances across Detroit. In the next months, many collaborations are on the way. Watch this space.



By Erick Ycaza

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