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Sing Along To Luchi’s “Mountain” With New Lyric Video



“Mountain” by Luchi is a touching composition that holds a special place in the artist’s heart. As a matter of fact, it serves as a profound realization of the battles we all face in life and the strength required to confront them head-on.

Best of all, today you have the opportunity to delve even deeper into the emotional core of this song with a brand-new lyric video. And if singing is your thing, dare to vocalize it as you feel every single word.

For many, the songwriting process is a laborious step filled with rewrites and revisions. But in this case, inspiration struck like lightning, and “Mountain” flowed effortlessly from Luchi’s soul onto the keys of the piano.

Mountain Luchi lyric video

Also, in his lyrics, Luchi sends a message to be kind to yourself. Surprisingly, he manages to make his words so convincing because he gets under the skin of a lot of people who are going through personal stuff, like dealing with addictions.

Notably, when he sings, it’s like a shiver-down-your-spine kind of thing. Plus, it’s not just about doing vocal warm-ups; literally, he pours his feelings and passion into it, and that’s why it’s so darn amazing.

If you’re curious, you can find more information related to “Mountain” in this exclusive interview with the UK-based singer-songwriter.



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