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Slow Reggaeton Music: Baraka, Los Del Control – Dame Luz



Slow Reggaeton music is like the chilled-out version of this popular urban genre. Instead of the high-energy beats that get you dancing without a care, it’s all about the romantic vibes. “Dame Luz” by Baraka truly represents this mellow style.

Of course, the beats are more relaxed, and the lyrics often get all smooth and sexy. For sure, it’s the ideal jam for a late night or a cozy evening with your special someone.

So, in plain English, slow Reggaeton music is the after-party where you can just groove at your own pace.

slow reggaeton music

“Dame Luz” by Baraka is produced by Los Del Control, a proficient Spanish duo known for their high-quality collaborations. Indeed, last year, they composed “La Solución” for rising singer-songwriter Bea Pelea.

Furthermore, I believe they filmed the “Dame Luz” music video, on a quick getaway to Portugal. These dudes are kinda like the Reggaeton adaptation of the Backstreet Boys, and they might just be the first boyband in this music category. Pretty cool, right?

“Dame Luz,” which translated means “Give Me Light” seems to touch on the theme of a past relationship and how to overcome the pain it caused. However, it also conveys a message of optimism about current life.



By Erick Ycaza

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