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Smoking Marijuana Is Linked To Cardiovascular Death, Study Finds



Smoking Marijuana Is Linked To Cardiovascular Death, Study Finds
A new study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that, just like cigarettes, smoking marijuana is linked to cardiovascular death. The study proved that people who smoke weed on the regular are 3.42 times more likely to die from high blood pressure. So much for your relaxing high.

Like most studies, this too was far from perfect. Though it considered the subject’s history with cigarettes and the regularity with which they smoked marijuana, the study neglected to account for the variety of the herb. Cannabis is a complicated plant with over 400 chemicals in each strain, and specific strains are never truly duplicated. And the study couldn’t prove that marijuana directly caused high blood pressure, only that the two are linked.

If smoking weed doesn’t give you high blood pressure, then finding your kid wigging out from inadvertently eating your stash probably will. Apparently, the kids of pot-indulging parents are at risk by proxy of the adults’ failure to hide their drugs.

According to a report from CNN, the number of children in France under the age of six admitted to the emergency room for unintentional marijuana intoxication has increased 133 percent in an 11-year span. “We have to also warn consumers and parents that it could be very dangerous for children to eat such products:’ Dr. Isabelle Claudet, lead author of the study, told CNN. “Because usually, parents think it’s not very harmful because they’re smoking it, and it relaxes them. But if a child ingests one stick or [bud] ball, they can become comatose’. Hide your pot, France. This isn’t hard.

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