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Snooknuk Offers Educational Music For Kids With New Album



educational music for kids
When it comes to educational music for kids, Snooknuk‘s new album becomes a good point of reference. To be more precise, I’m talking about her second material, ‘Once Upon A Day: A Lot More Funny’, available to stream on all major platforms. Interestingly, each song will motivate your children to learn positive values. The proper tones in which Snooknuk carries her voice also spark the fantasy, which matches their imaginative capacity.

Besides that, the sing-along nature of the whole project facilitates learning essential life lessons through cheerful songs. Overall, her style and vibe are fed with colorful pop beats. Hailing from Los Angeles, the singer and songwriter is making a name for herself for her useful contribution to different educational programs and events. Nowadays, parents want their kids to grow in self-esteem, so I would recommend this album if you want to explore with them new learning concepts in an enjoyable way.



By Erick Ycaza

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