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Sohrab Delivers A Delicious Slice Of Dance-Pop, Listen To “Secrets”



Sohrab Delivers A Delicious Slice Of Dance-Pop, Listen To "Secrets"
When Sohrab makes music he bridges the worlds of Pop and EDM. As a result, his new single “Secrets” is undeniable delicious and insanely catchy due to its eargasmic notes. The up-and-coming producer from Californian has a good-natured sense of creativity. Nobody can’t deny there’s an excellent dynamism in this production. He opts for delicate female vocals backed up by piano melodies and pulsating beats. Of course, “Secrets” makes you want to sing and dance at the same time. It is no exaggeration to say that it sounds as good as Alesso, Kygo, and Avicii’s radio-friendly anthems.

Sohrab’s passion for art began with Hip-Hop, however, he got hooked on the DJing culture after a trip to EDC Las Vegas. That’s the reason why his current musical identity is based on hypnotic rhythms that go hand in hand with his strong charisma. Best of all, he conveys the joy and vibe accordingly. Can’t wait to see him expand his catalog with more powerful tracks in the next months…


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