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Somna & Noire Lee's New Tune Sounds Like Vocal Trance Classics
Vocal Trance classics are hard to forget. “Beside You” captures exactly those melodies filled with deep emotions and great chord progressions you used to listen to in the last decades. Definitely, Somna & Noire Lee will help you relive old memories. On the other hand, the music video culminates in a surprising ending, where you can find out a creative plot. Most importantly, the message is beautiful as it talks about true love, which is unconditional and strong. It’s like an anthem to celebrate long-term romantic relationships. “Beside You” forms part of Somna’s first-ever album, which features the participation of talented vocalists such as Jennifer Rene, Sally Oh, Michele C, BLÜ EYES, among others.




Stay with me just a little longer my friend
We never saw this coming
Now that we are a little closer to the end

Out of the darkness comes
An unexpected light
Until you come back home to me

It’s nightfall once again and I’m in your arms
I’ve never felt so safe
Tonight there’s nothing that can ever bring us down

There’s not a thing in this world that comes close to you and me
I’ll see it through this time
I’ll see it through

Until our bones begin to rust
And our bodies break and start collecting dust
Until the end, when you feel like giving up
And you don’t know who to trust
I will be right beside you

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