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Sonic Radiation’s Electronic Jam “Roentgen” Is An Ode To Star Wars



Sonic Radiation - Roentgen
Sonic Radiation
shares his electronic jam, “Roentgen” for your listening pleasure. The inspiration behind this energetic track comes from Sci-Fi films. Within seconds, its progressive nature reveals a futuristic-like atmosphere. To deliver such forward-thinking rhythms he lays out authenticity above all else. Not to mention, you can tell he has a strong vision of tomorrow’s music.

Modern and experimental are probably the best words to describe the style of this rising Dallas-based producer. Likewise, his groovy outer-space synths are integrated with almost all of his releases. According to the artist himself, the illusion of creating beats helped him to get through hard times while recovering from a severe spinal cord injury. At present, Todd Last (given name) is here to represent the next frontier of Electronica.

If “Roentgen” isn’t an ode to Star Wars, then I don’t know what it is. For sure, his work never fails to hold interest. Just close your eyes and imagine exploring an infinite number of galaxies via these innovative soundscapes down here.

“I think all my songs try to grab you by the ear. I hope each one takes you on a different journey through time and space. This track really reflects my skill level and life at the time.” – Sonic Radiation



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