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Sonic Souls Interview Talking About Their Remake Of The 90s Hit “Missing”



Sonic Souls Interview Talking About Their New Single "Missing"UK producers Matt Frost, Tim Laws & Marvin Beaver are the creative minds behind Sonic Souls. This project caught my attention with their remake of the 90’s hit “Missing”, an original work by Everything But The Girl. So, without questions there is no learning. You can check out this informative interview down here!

1 — Where & when did you meet?

Tim, Marvin, and Myself (Matt) have all known each other about 20yrs from living near each other and working in the same studio complex’s. We’ve all had previous success in the music industry, with hit records, awards and TV/Advert music under our belts and decided to start working together the middle of last year.

2 — What specific role do each one of you play in Sonic Souls?

We’re all hands to the pump in the studio, we all come with ideas, run the rig and play. It’s a collaboration inspired by a love for well-produced music, songs, and melodies.

3 — Why did you decide to re-work the classic 90s tune Missing?

It’s a track we all loved and wanted to see if we could do it justice. As well as working on original material, it’s always good to challenge yourself to see if you can re-create a classic with grace.

4 — Do you think the new vocals from Red give it a sound that’s authentic to the original?

We were never aiming for a vocalist that would give it an authentic sound, it just so happens that Red did an amazing job and we have been complimented on how amazing she sounds on the record, it helps that she is a major talent.


5 — Please you tell us about the remixes. Which one is the best for connecting with clubs floors?

We think all the remixes do the jobs they were made for and we aim to get remixes for separate musical ‘genres’ Rare Candy is the biggest name of the remixers and they have turned in a superb main floor mix that will keep their fans very happy indeed. Lil Rich has produced a real ear-catching UKG (UK Garage) remix that is getting a lot of attention on the ‘Bass’ sound dancefloors. Skallee & Wagz remix has a more ‘Tropical’ house feel to it which is working really well in clubs, and Martin Craig has delivered a wonderful guitar led Balearic feeling groove.

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6 — Have you released other remakes in the past as Sonic Souls?

Our previous release was a cover of Tim’s hit record he wrote with Gabrielle ‘Dreams’.

7 — Do you think Sonic Souls have already defined a signature sound? If so, describe it.

As Sonic Souls we aim for quality produced house music, with a commercial/pop element to it.

8 — When you’re not in the studio making music, do you also spend time together?

We try not to if we can help it, 8-10hrs in the studio is quite enough, our ribs hurt so much from all the laughing.

9 — What’s next for you guys, are you currently planning future releases?

We have about 6 tracks as ‘Work In Progress’ and they are all sounding very promising.


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