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Souza Interview 2015



Souza Interview 2015
Portuguese DJ Souza is one of the brightest new production talents on the EDM scene who is making waves with a series of club hits, including the addictive Progressive House tune “Come Back to You”. He’s currently on tour and despite this he found time to answer our questions about his music project & artistic life. Read the full interview below!

1 – How big is the club scene in your hometown, Azores?

The club scene is very small on the islands, just during the Summer we have good festivals and huge names playing here like David Guetta, DVBBS, Laidback Luke, Borgore. The club scene is more underground here.

2 – How has the release of  “Call Back To You” been different from the first tracks you made at the beginning of your career?

It’s very different. It’s a very melodic and emotional track and also radio friendly. My first tracks were more big room and more clubbing. I wanted to go on a different direction with this one, it’s the beginning of Summer, so my goal was to make something that people will sing alone on the beach or on a Summer festival and at the same time feelling the message and the energy.

3 – How did the collaboration with North American singer Thomas Daniel come about?

Me and my manager were looking for a different voice for this track. We had contact some producers from the US who presented us to Thomas and from there we started working via Skype, Thomas in Nashville and myself in the Azores. Was crazy to collaborate with someone that was in the US and I went very well actually. I’m very happy with the result.

4 – Tell us how you’ve approached promotion.

Promotion for me is everything. After some years alone, promoting myself I have learn a lot about the industry and how to aproach the media. So now I’m happy to have a big team working with me from PR agency to social media manager and was very important to do a good promotion on the single “Come Back To You”, because I really believe on the potential of this track.

5 – Do you worry about being perceived as a commercial DJ?

I’m don’t worry about that. I started as a underground DJ, playing everything from House to Techno. I just play the music that I love. If you see me live you can see that I’m very transversal.

6 – Do prefer producing tracks at home or performing live to a big audience?

It’s different feelings. I produce tracks not to sell them or the see them in the charts but yes to play them live for the crowd. There isn’t best sensation that play live your own tracks and to see the crowd going crazy like me when I was producing in the studio.

7 – Are you a fan of trying experimental techniques in the studio?

Yes, sometimes is when I find the perfect sound for the track! I’m not a musican or a composer, so the majority of the cool sounds that I found is from messing around or jamming with another producer.

8 – Any recommendations for DJs who are trying to gain popularity in the industry?

Try to get your own sound and your own style as a producer. When playing live, try to be original at the way you play and just go crazy the way you want the crowd to go. And remember, things take time.

9 – What does the future hold for DJ Souza?

A lot of new originals and a busy Summer touring in Portugal and some other countrys in Europe. I hope to go to the States before the end of the year!

10 – Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Just want to say: thanks to Electro WOW for the support on my new track “Come Back to You”. Was a pleasure talking with you!


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