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Streetwear Company SVCRED Strikes A Balance Between Fashion And EDM Culture



SVCRED is a unisex streetwear company that provides a space for people to embrace their quirks, eccentricities, and self-perceived flaws. The brand champions alternative self-expression and encourages us to see the deep inherent value of our imperfection.

SVCRED has been chiefly inspired by the vibrant and loving community of electronic music. They believe that dance music is the gasoline to our engine, imbuing our lives with meaning and purpose.

Streetwear Company SVCRED Strikes A Balance Between Fashion And EDM Culture

The brand honors the fascinating history of dance music by paying homage to the pioneers, whose tireless grind and hustle laid the foundation for all things electronic. By honoring the past, they stay anchored in the true spirit of electronic music and ensure the longevity and prosperity of this beloved movement.

It’s time that the playing field be leveled in the electronic music and streetwear industries. It’s time that we celebrate people for their talents and personalities, rather than their physicality. In support of this belief, SVCRED has avoided clothing styles that sexualize and confine. The brand’s tees and tanks are truly unisex, having been designed with a wealth of feedback from male and female models. with an androgynous flowing fit that promotes comfort and breathability, the clothes afford the wearer an active and unrestricted lifestyle.

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