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Strelok Interview 2015



Strelok Interview 2015
Morior Invictus, the new EDM label from India is proud to introduce to the EDM community, one of the youngest electronic music producers of the world! This interview will give you more information about Strelok, a fresh talent that will become a huge DJ star pretty soon!

1 – How old are you and how long have you been DJing?

I’m 15 years old and I’ve been DJing since 2013. This two years of DJing have been great.

2 – What do you really like about the nightlife?

What I really like is being with friends and having a good time. Nowadays I don’t really have a very active nightlife. I have too much work and I have to split my time between studies and music production.

3 – What’s the craziest thing you have seen in a club?

Like I said before I don’t really have a very active nightlife so it is very difficult to answer this question. A long time ago I was in a video game festival and there was a lot of music during the whole event. In the night my friends and I were watching some trailers in the principal scenery when suddenly the original Pokemon theme song sounded. It was very surprising and nobody expected that. Everybody was jumping and singing and it was pretty crazy.

4 – How you got interested in Electro music?

I started listening to Zedd and then I started to look for other electronic music producers and slowly I fell in love with the genre. I can say that thanks to Zedd and Madeon, I love electronic.

5 – Can you describe your latest hit “Feel It”?

I produced ‘Feel It’ inspired from ‘Virus (KSHMR Remix)’ and ‘Secrets (Tiësto & KSHMR)’, so I can say that my last track was fully influenced by KSHMR. I wanted to produce something that sounded as good as those mixes, but at the same time something completely different and new. My goal is always making the listener feel like he is listening to something special and that’s why the track is called “Feel It”.

6 – What do you think of the commercial EDM sound vs. straight up Deep House, and is EDM here to stay?

EDM is definitely here to stay. I think that both genres are awesome, but festival EDM sounds better live. Anyway, I like Deep House a lot and it’s always nice to listen to a couple of songs of the genre in festivals.

7 – Are you planning to release Deep House tracks in the future? Why?

I already have a Deep House track, but I’m still working on the details. So yes, I’m planning to release a Deep House track. I’m making this mix because I love the genre. I really enjoy this kind of music. It relaxes me and it makes me feel good.

8 – Are there any advantages/disadvantages when working with another artist?

From my point of view, there are no disadvantages. You can know other producers and you learn how to work like a team. It’s pretty cool to make collaborations with other artists and I enjoy it a lot.

9 – With the start of your career on Morior Invictus Recordings, how’s 2015 shaping up?

Thanks to Morior Invictus, this year looks pretty good for me and I’m very happy about it. I already released my first track with them and I have a lot of new stuff coming up next. I’m very excited about this year and I hope to grow like a producer during the rest the months.

10 – With what song would you end this interview with?

I would end this interview with a remix from Slander called “U Don’t Know (Slander Remix)”. I love their music and I think that it’s a great way to end this interview with one of their remixes.

By Erick Ycaza

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