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Stumbling Across Musical Gold At A California Open Mic



California Open Mic

Guest Post By Sammy Milone

Open mic nights are like yard sales. With few exceptions, the quality of the merchandize is generally pretty inconsistent with a smattering of eclectic vanity pieces designed for individual tastes. But every once in a while – and usually by compete accident – you uncover a gem.

A few weeks ago, I accompanied friend who lives in the Bay area to an open mic in Mill Valley, California at a venue called Sweetwater Music Hall. As someone born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, I don’t get out west as much as I’d like. I’ve been to Sweetwater exactly once before a few years ago to check out Johnette Napolitano (formerly of Concrete Blonde) as she delighted a packed house with an inspired solo set. Sweetwater is a great sounding little venue for live music. And it’s pretty rare to find an open mic being hosted by someone as accomplished as Austin de Lone. With my expectations set to mediocre, I agreed to come out that Monday night.

sweetwater in the sunMy friend tells me that there was a time when Sweetwater’s open mic nights would regularly include many of the world class musicians who lived in the area: Sammy Hagar, Jerry Harrison, Huey Lewis and Carlos Santana would often sit in for a song or two – much to the delight of the ever adoring locals. While at least one of those casual gods could be spotted in the back of the room that Monday night, I’m sad to report that none of them took the stage.

On this night, it was mostly like other open mics you may have been too. Some talented performers, a group from the local high school shrieking into the microphone like Yoko Ono and at least one unfortunate soul who made the unforgivable sin of forgetting the words and/or the chords to their favorite Beatles song. Just your typical, ordinary, for the love of god please keep the drinks flowing Monday night open mic.

open mic
And then something special happened. The house lights dimmed and a six-foot tall, maniacal ball of energy appeared on the stage. The people at the table next to me whispered to us: “that guy was here last week, and he was fantastic!” But neither of them seemed to know who “that guy” was.

Turns out – that guy’s name is Alan Chapell. Chapell has a quirky stage presence that could easily hold the attention of a much larger room and combined with the charm and intimacy of someone who was playing in your living room. I’ve never seen someone command a room full of strangers to enthusiastically sing a song that they’d never heard before. But that’s exactly what happened when Chapell began singing “Soul Man”. From the very first song, Chapell had this crowd in the palm of his hands.

Chapell mostly plays the piano and sings. I say “mostly” because he kept getting up in the middle of songs or in between them to direct the crowd or share an aside off mic. He stood up and got the audience clapping during the third verse as Chapell sang a cappella on the song “Waiting”. Sort of reminded me of the great Jonathan Richman minus Tommy Larkin on drums as Chapell got the entire room clapping along.

Chapell did four songs that night – remarkable in that its sort of an unwritten rule at open mics that everyone is allowed to play only one or two songs. Getting asked to do another song by the host is almost the equivalent of a stand-up comic being called to Johnny Carson’s couch after their set. (Yeah, I’ve probably been watching too much of Showtime’s “I’m dying up here” – sue me.) Chapell most certainly did not squander his additional songs and closed with a haunting etude called “I’m Coming Over” – one which really drove home how vulnerable and sweet Chapell’s voice can be when he’s not screaming off mic.

guitar live show
I caught up with Chapell briefly after he left the stage. Turns out that he’s an east coast guy too. Chapell hails from New York City but occasionally spends time in the houseboat community in nearby Sausalito. He started coming out to the Bay area a few years ago to record an album with Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads fame and now views Sausalito as second home.

Chapell has a seven-piece band back in NYC, but has started playing shows with a smaller lineup – which is one of the reasons he was at Sweetwater that night. “I was initially reluctant to play without my full band, but I kept getting asked to play places where it wasn’t practical to bring everyone,” says Chapell. “We were invited to play a show in Sandpoint Idaho with the Flobots earlier this year and my violinist Lorenza Ponce and I were the only ones from my band who were able to make it. When that concert went over so well, I realized that I could be a bit more flexible in my approach.” So, while Chapell still mostly plays with the full band, he’s done stripped down shows opening for bands like Big Head Todd and the Gin Blossoms as well.

So, what’s next for Chapell? “We’re currently mixing my third album and are making plans for later this year to start recording my fourth. And we’re in discussions to play a show or two with the Bacon Brothers in August. Finally, I’ll have my whole band with me at City Winery in NYC on August 16th.”

I’ll be there at City Winery on August 16th. If you want to catch Chapell before he completely blows up, I suggest you be there too.

Sammy Milone is a part-time author and full-time skeptic. He lives with his wife Wendy and dog Niko in Lower Gwynedd Township, PA.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Rhett Daneka: Soaring Through Life From Aviation To Rock Music



Rhett Daneka
Born and raised in Baytown, Texas, Rhett Daneka initially started college at Texas Tech after graduating from Robert E. Lee High School in 1986. However, his interest in aviation led him to overcome financial challenges to pursue his dreams.

Within less than five years, Rhett earned his ATP and became a Gold-Seal Flight Instructor, eventually becoming Chief Flight Instructor at Hooks Airport. Later, he dedicated himself to piloting an Air Ambulance, rescuing premature infants from small towns, and transporting them to top neonatal hospitals.

In the early 2000s, Rhett transitioned to self-employment, discovering a passion for singing. After a decade-long hiatus from music, Rhett reignited his enthusiasm in 2020, assembling a top-tier team of musicians, producers, a renowned studio, and a vocal coach to fulfill his creative ambitions.

Nowadays, Rhett Daneka is fronting Daneka Nation, his musical project. The band has released six singles since January 2021 and is now busy making more music for people everywhere.

Listen to his most recent track, “Fight Song, on Spotify, which has garnered over 300,000 streams so far.

Undoubtedly, the lyrics of “Fight Song” convey a message of empowerment, resilience, and determination, highlighting the strength to beat the odds and follow one’s goals. Besides, this tune exists with the purpose of keeping your spirits high.

Somehow, it’s necessary to listen to the guitar chords and passionate vocals behind this rockish track to rise up stronger and not let problems defeat us. Indeed, Friedrich Nietzsche’s wisdom holds weight: “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

In short, Rhett’s journey from a pilot to the stage shows that perseverance can make your dreams come true, no matter when you start.



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Samantha LaPorta Delivers Pop-Rock Anthem “Lies Are Your Truth”



Hold onto your seats, because Samantha LaPorta is back in action with a fresh Pop-Rock anthem, “Lies Are Your Truth. It’s incredible how she channels the vibes of Paramore and Evanescence with an explosive energy that will give you goosebumps.

Besides haunting melodies, the American singer-songwriter explores the twisted world of manipulation, immersing listeners in the emotional turmoil of being deceived.

In true “Fight Club” fashion, “Lies Are Your Truth” mirrors the mind games of the cult classic. Similar to the movie, this song gives you a choice: either you’re trapped in someone’s manipulative web, or you’re the one in control, avoiding the truth right in front of you.

Be sure to hit that play button below and add it to your playlist for maximum enjoyment.

By the same token, you won’t be able to resist getting lost in her emotionally charged vocals and powerful arrangement. Not to mention, this single is truly a treat for fans of Alternative and Pop-Rock music.

With pounding drums and fuzzy guitar riffs in tow, the lyrics pierce the soul. Plus, her unfiltered verve ignites an incandescent spark of passion in the atmosphere.

Naturally, crafting a signature sound is a process which requires time, but it’s evident that nowadays Samantha LaPorta has already mastered the art of standing out from the crowd.



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Steve Major’s Powerful Visuals Reflect Ongoing Crisis In Ukraine



Steve Major

The incredible new music video for “TORN” by Steve Major reflects the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. You will want to experience this masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your heart and mind.

Even though he’s a Canadian artist, this song means a lot to him. It’s really personal because he used to live in Ukraine like a local and has friends there too.

With “TORN,” he directly speaks to those who have experienced feelings of helplessness. It reminds everyone they are not alone, especially when facing tough challenges.

The lyrics of this song are centered around a sense of understanding and kindness. It’s like a call to everyone, inspiring us all to unite and crave peace worldwide.

Steve Major
People who’ve been through the horrors of war and conflict need a helping hand today. And there’s nothing better than powerful visuals to raise awareness or implement a real change.

The distorted guitars, heavy drums, and intense vocals hit you in the gut, and it’s freakin’ awesome!

But it’s not just about the adrenaline rush; it’s the sense of liberation and the opportunity to express oneself authentically. Fortunately, Steve Major complies with all the quality parameters.



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