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Stunning Ways To Decorate The Music Studio In 2022



Music enthusiasts need a dedicated space for practicing their hobby or passion. Jamming in a place full of musical aura and decor lets you spend more time and displays your dedication. Well! It’s not as tough as it seems. Keep reading as this article will explore plenty of great ideas to decorate your music studio!

Let’s have a look!

Shiplap Walls are Great for Depth

How can you make your music studio room stand out from other rooms? Well, give an authentic studio feel with shiplap panels. They are available in all colors, and you can repaint them. In addition, they will make your music studio even more soundproof.

You can arrange them horizontally or vertically as the former gives the illusion of wider space while the latter makes the roof look tall. Also, you can install it on one of the walls to create an accent wall. One perfect example is installing a white shiplap on a single wall and hanging magnificent blue denim wall arts on it. The blue colors add depth and character to the music studio.

Texture Your Walls With Wall Arts

You can hang wall arts in a specific corner in your music room to add visual interest. The wall arts look super chick and add focal point, texture, and layering to the walls. Some of the options are:

Canvas Wall Arts

Canvas wall arts are very versatile and can be arranged in many ways. For example, a grid of canvas with sassy music quotes and a portrait of your favorite music legend. Canvas is ready to hang as they come with sawtooth hangers, durable and lightweight. They are available in all prints, quotes, colors, sizes, and styles.


If you’re someone who loves boho and zen vibes in your music studio, you will love this decor idea. Tapestry decor elements like macrame plant hanging, macrame mirror hangings, woven arts look exceptional. They bring positivity and texture to your studio room.


Well, posters will never go out of style! A poster wall usually goes well with some rock and pop music lovers. You can paste premium posters of your favorite songs, albums, and stars on an empty wall.


Wallpapers are an amazing way of bringing a new vibe to your studio. It can be loud or very minimalist. The great idea is to look for brick-style raw wallpapers. It gives your music studio an authentic street look. Also, they are available in all colors, qualities, textures, and prices. It’s very easy to install, and they are removable.

Wall decals

A high-quality wall decal looks like a painting on a wall. Order music notes, images of your favorite music instrument, or quotes. This is a great way of bringing some fun elements to your fabulous music studio.

Create a Music Library

If you don’t have space constraints, create an ultimate music library. Well, it is very easy. Pick a wooden rack or make it yourself. Showcase All your music collections, CDs, records, and magazines. Also, hang guitars for your favorite instrument. Hang beautiful wall arts like canvas, and yes, you’re good to go. A music library displays your passion and looks fantastic.

Lights are Important

Lights are important for reading music notes, viewing instruments, etc. They are like icing on the decor. The right lights will bring the best out of music studios. The spotlights, automatic dimming light look fantastic. Also, you can install floor sidelights.

Flooring Makes a Difference

Wooden flooring is an exceptional choice for a music room. It has great acoustics, plus it looks super cool. Also, you can go for tiles, vinyl flooring too. An amazing way to revamp the floor is to place attractive rugs or carpets on the floor. It’s great for acoustics, minimizes the sound leak, and looks stylish.

Bonus Tips for Music Studio Decor

Here are some additional music studio decor tips:

❋ Place large or small indoor plants in your music room. They refresh the space and improve the room’s acoustics as plants absorb the sound waves.

❋ Make furniture out of your old drums and musical instruments—for example, side tables, etc.

❋ Always bring in some comfortable seating. It can be floor cushions with a table or couch. It can be best for accommodating some viewers.

By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.