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Style Essentials No Man Should Forget



Style Essentials No Man Should Forget
Men are often labeled as people who do not care about fashion details that much. Well, that is just not true. If you only take a walk down any central street in any larger town, you will see how many accessories for men there are in the shop windows. Men do like nice stuff, too, but they just do not want to admit it. Here are some of the items that every man should have.

Money keepers

Keeping money all over your pockets is tolerable if you are 18. However, serious and reliable men will try to keep their money and bank cards in a wallet. They can be made of leather, fabric or even recycled ties and other clothes. Those men who are more into 21st century money keepers can get a money clip, which is a very practical and reliable thing, since it is easily tucked into a pocket and hard to steal.

Protected necks are in

A scarf is an item that can be paired with a wide range of interesting fashion solutions. Scarves go with leisure bright pants and loose shirts. On the other hand, they can be added to a classic men’s suit. Above all that, however, scarves in many colors and made of various materials are most useful when winter winds come howling around your neck.

Tight around the waist

When men’s fashion is discussed, belts cannot be left out. A quality and impressive belt is a must-have for every man’s closet. It would be great to have a few of them, made of different materials and in several colors. Of course, black leather belts are a classic option, but why not try and get one of those modern belts?

Time tellers

How many times has your super-smart phone let you down? Nowadays everybody relies on their mobiles, but if your battery is dead, you can fall into serious troubles. To get round such an unwanted situation, every man should have a special timepiece. Of course, everybody chooses what he can afford, but some of the coolest watches are pretty affordable.

Dark glasses against wrinkles

It is not only James Dean and Roy Orbison who based a large part of their iconic style on sunglasses. Every John Doe can look great with a pair of sunglasses protecting his eyes and face. Apart from being a great eye protector, sunglasses will also spare you wrinkles caused by squinting. Today you can choose within the range of many incredible sunglasses.

Shoes make men

When you are younger, footwear is usually more relaxed and casual; in a word – cool. But as boys become men, their footwear also grows with them, and it does not refer only to the size of the feet. Adult men have to choose smart and good-looking shoes to show their social status and life ambition.

All in all, fashion lords take good care of men’s items, too. There are not that many accessories as in the female fashion hemisphere, but still, men can also choose the best items and look great in their fashionable items.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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