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Suits Boulevard Interview 2015



Suits Boulevard Interview 2015
Suits Boulevard
is a band from Denmark that has made themselves noticed on record breaking time and taken an international liking. In less than 12 months the band has reached more than 10.000 followers on social media, and become MTV, VH1, CMT and VEVO present + they were also part of a documentary. So, if you think all these details are very interesting, then I suggest you to read the interview below!

1 – What type of band are you?

“An alternative, pop-rock band. We don’t settle with one genre, due to the fact, that music speaks to all the members in the band. The members are always “hit by” a riff, some lyric, a melody or a composition, and go record it asap., so they can capture the feeling of the song. Therefore, the genre is not pre-defined. Rather, determined after we have done the song.” Says Armin Kavousi, Lead singer.

2 – Who are your musical influences?

“Everything from Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Kanye West, 30 Seconds To Mars to Johnny Cash, John Mayer and so on. Every single artist, we have heard through our lives, are and have been influencing us.” Says Peter Scherfig, Lead guitarist.

3 – What’s the formula to release 5 singles and play at several concerts in just 12 months?

“Hard work and a plan of execution. Nothing is guaranteed, and your mentality should be, that no one will help you. You have to be able to work as an entrepreneur with your music.” Says Mads Albertsen, Rythm Guitarist.

4 – Who writes the songs? What are they about?

“We all do. Sometimes, the drum loop starts us off. It could be a perfect bas-riff or the lyrics written already. Typically, we have an idea of a whole song, and flip it around, when in the studio. The songs are about that specifik moment in our lives, or putting ourselves in the positition of someone else. For exaample, we have a song on the album, called “The Fallen”. It’s not about any of us, but about someone we hold dear.” Says Ashok Kumaran, pianist & percussionist in the band.

5 – Were you part of a documentary? Is it available to watch on YouTube?

“Yeah. It has been going on since our second release “Oblivious”, which caught the attention of the film crew and the big film studio, who are following us until we have a perfect visual product. The best thing is that, we have the early moments of the band in the video, so that other ambitious musicians can have a look into our hard work.  It’s not available yet. It will be on massive outlets, when done.” Says Mads Lindum, drummer.

6 – What’s the name of your newest single? Why you like it?

“The newest is called “Getaway”, which is a feature with a great female vocalist, Mathilde Damborg, who won a competition by our management about collaboration with the band, and a chance to record with us. Fortunately, the song was highly recommended, which caused us to shoot a video and release it as a single. But I have to say. It’s very pop, and not what you are going to hear on the album or see us do a lot of in the future. We just have too much in us to only do pop.” Says Armin.

7 – Have you performed in America or just in Europe?

“Not in America yet. It’s definitely on the map. We are just extremely busy in Europe and DK, to head over to the States yet. But an invite, and we will be there right away ;)” Says Mads Albertsen.

8 – Describe your show visual and musically.

“Our shows are not at all, what you would expect, when you hear the album. We work extremely hard on having great lights to push the feelings of the music played. And musically, we change our music, so that tempo and energy is higher live. We don’t do concerts. We do entertaining shows. We know, we have to win people over live – not by sitting in the studio. We love all the people we meet out on tour, and have been touring in a year now.” Says Ashok Kumaran.

9 – What’s your opinion on electronic music in general? 

“It’s great for parties 😉 We focus a lot on using instruments to create our sounds. But I bet you, we will use electro in some of our songs in the future, since we are, as we mentioned earlier, moved by the music and do the genre, we feel like doing.” Says Mads Lindum, Drummer.

10 – What advice would you give to fellow bands?

“Do it cause you are passionated. Not for the cash or for what people think. You can’t get the entire world to love your music. Even Michael Jackson, Nirvana and Jimmy Hendrix, to mention a few great, have dislikes on Youtube. That’s just how it is.” Says Peter Scherfig.

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