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LISTEN NOW: SVNF8, Buhoo & UCH – FREQ IN ME Vol. 1 Compilation



Featuring as the trio looking to change the face of the dance music industry, you can expect to hear the latest releases from the likes of SVNF8, Buhoo, and UCH on the ‘Freq’s Compilation’ 10-part EP. You can rely on these disparate, yet talented artists to cover a range of unique talents and sounds to keep you entertained. Introducing SVNF8 with “End of Time,” known as the elusive Producer behind the mask who is continuing to push the boundaries of conventional music with deep and intricate cuts of booming Techno. Next up is Buhoo, with a specialised talent for bringing a bit of zest to his work with fresh elements of Latin-styled Techno flairs that get your feet moving featuring with “Mio.” Lastly, we have UCH, who is back with “My Money” and is known colloquially to be the ‘Genius of House’ hailing from New York with support from the likes of Bob Sinclar, Sam Divine, and many more.

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First up is “Mio” from Buhoo. Upon pressing play, you can expect to be treated to those iconic and zesty drums from the get-go as the production picks up an instant tribal flow with a solid House groove, perfect for dancing away to in the heat of the sun off the golden shores with cocktails flowing in hand. The track incorporates a combination of Buhoo’s tribal and Latino-inspired signature sound, which is chopped full of rugged beats to create a smooth, yet hard-driven percussive groove combined with entrancing vocal leads derived from his Latin inspiration to sweeten the deal and a plucked bassline with a liquid flow while subtle melodic elements decorate the outer corners of the stereo field.

If you’re on the lookout for the latest feel-good House anthem, then check out “My Money” from Uch. Whether you’re listening to this poolside under the blazing sun or during a Spring clean at home, you can be treated to an upbeat and catchy tempo from the moment you press play as this production features a culmination of high energy kicks and claps with flushes of captivating melodies and groovy beats. A rhythmic kick drum sets off this number from the for production as you are instantly thrown into a state of movement. Things begin to pick up as the infectious vocals fade in from the corners and the melodies take the lead before the bassline commences, giving off that irresistible groove, making it an unmissable hotspot for lovers of that funky vibe.

Last up is SVNF8’s latest head-turner “End of Time” providing you with those well-needed Techno vibes to finish off with. The thudding kick drum sets the pace before the rubbery and dark FX shortly ensue as we are thrown into that iconic entrancing state SVNF8 encapsulates so well throughout his music. This grizzly Techno beast is chopped full of sounds bound to send you sideways with fleeting elements of trancing synths that layer the outer edges of the production which are surrounded by that undulating bass that drives the track forward. Before you know it, the tension begins to build with a crescendo of rollers that fill the spectrum, and shortly after we are basked with the release of the powerhouse drop as the kick drum flips back into action and the passing sounds that float around the perimeter of the production pull through to unleash the full fury of the track.



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