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Symphonic-Electro Sound Awes Festival Crowds



Alpine Universe Adds An Organic Touch To EDM

Symphonic-Electro Sound Awes Festival Crowds
Where EDM events mostly revolve around DJs, ALPINE UNIVERSE brings a fresh breeze to the scene. Real name Andy Favre, he’s a 27 year-old musician from the heart of Europe, born in the mountains between France, Italy and Switzerland. Fascinated by EDM in all its forms, he set a goal to perform the genre in a more organic and 100% live setting. As such, he takes the stage with an array of electronic instruments namely electronic drums, synthesizers, effects, and even electronic accordion. Ecstatic crowds are introduced to an energetic sound with the power of a full symphonic orchestra.

ALPINE UNIVERSE: “I’m not a DJ in the traditional sense of the word. I am a multi-instrumentalist who decided to use technology to push the limits of music production and live performances. After developing my brand and my sound, I competed for the Insomniac Discovery Project and was selected to perform at Nocturnal Wonderland: Alpine Universe was heard for the first time and was officially born. Since then, I have performed at festivals, both in France and the USA. My latest highlight was an opening slot for Dada Life at DadaLand: The Voyage.

I come from the ski resort Tignes, where I work as a ski instructor during the winter holidays. I first moved to the US to attend film school in Los Angeles and my passion for music led me to compose music for several film projects. Writing orchestral scores for films sparkled my inspiration to create Alpine: a character, a sound and more importantly, a live show.

January 23rd, I released my second EP titled “Awakening”. It consists in 4 heavy tracks, showcasing my signature “Symphonic-electro” sound. This is the second EP of a series of many. Each EP contains 4 tracks and moves the story of Alpine forward.”

Alpine Universe’s first EP “Gaïa” (2014) set up an aggressive, yet melodic, dense and beautiful Universe. “Awakening” poses as the sequel to this first opus, introducing us to the character of Alpine and representing his birth and early childhood. In a world where the dangerous and powerful elements of nature are clashing with our modern civilizations, Alpine will learn to tame these energies and use them for a greater good.

The song “I Am Alpine” features the voice of 9 year-old opera singer NATALIE SHTANGRUD and will give you chills; it then builds up and transitions into the fast and high-energy song “Awakening” showcasing a touch of tribal-electro. “Harvest the Fire” reveals even more about the kid, the challenges he has to face to contain and use the energy he has received as a gift. We can also hear Alpine’s own vocals.

Finally “Serak” refers to a ridge of ice on the surface of a glacier, about to drop, standing as the perfect title to close the EP with a bang, it leaves us hanging and wanting more.

Serak, is the only track available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from Alpine Universe’s Soundcloud page.



By Erick Ycaza

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