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Synthwave Artist Mouth Water Talks New Music & Upcoming Tour



Mouth Water

Mouth Water – Live Photos @ Primavera Sound Photographer: Alessandra Pellegrineschi

Mouth Water is a Synthwave artist who lives and breathes the freedom and creativity that electronic textures bring. He recently rocked the stage at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, and now he’s getting ready to hit the road on tour with Sophie and the Giants. Learn more about his new music and much more in this interview.

1 — What motivated you to become an electronic artist?

I love the innovation and freedom that electronic music enables, especially in live situations where a single individual can perform an entire concert solo by creatively combining electronic and traditional instruments.

2 — You are just back from a successful live set Primavera Sound in Barcelona and are about to start a tour with Sophie and the Giants. What do you find more exciting about your life as a touring musician?

The best part is traveling and getting a chance to play my music in front of new listeners. I also really enjoy honing my set each time based on the crowd’s reactions.

Mouth Water interview 2024

Mouth Water – Live Photos @ Primavera Sound Photographer: Alessandra Pellegrineschi

3 — What can fans expect from your performances?

A somewhat unusual show somewhere between a concert and a DJ set, with a good amount of danceable music, even though I have to stay pretty concentrated on stage due to the multitasking nature of the set.

4 — Your new single “Blackout” is dropping soon with an accompanying remix. What makes this release different from your past works?

Female vocals are a pretty unusual choice for Mouth Water.

5 — In the studio, what’s your creative process like for crafting those signature Electronic sounds?

I usually first come up with either a chord progression or get inspired by messing around with my analog synths. Then I build on top of that, experimenting and sometimes going down dead ends to find a sound that moves me. Then I come up with the vocal melodies, if any, and finally, I write the lyrics trying to fit them into these melodies.

6 — If you could go back and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

Go out and play your own music, with or without a band, and start releasing it much sooner without worrying about making everything perfect, because it never will be. Also, focus on the one thing you love the most and don’t dissipate your energies in too many projects or projects in different fields.

7 — Beyond music, what are some of your other hobbies?

I like mountain biking, snow skiing, kite surfing and flaneuring around new cities and towns.

Primavera Sound in Barcelona 2024

Mouth Water – Live Photos @ Primavera Sound Photographer: Alessandra Pellegrineschi

8 — How have you evolved as an artist and performer from your early days to now?

I now do a lot more than I originally thought possible and I’m less afraid of making mistakes. I actually try to embrace these mistakes during shows to give the listener a different experience from the previous one.

9 — Where do you find inspiration when you’re writing new music?

I get musically inspired by being alone in the studio and playing with my gear and studying music theory. I get lyrically inspired by paying attention to the world around me, what people say, and new concepts I come across.

10 — Any final thoughts to share with your devoted fans?

I have devoted fans!? Woohoo!



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