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Take A Trip Around Hallucinatory Sounds And Vivid Imagery With hendren



This is no joke, hendren’s music video is an enigmatic trip like never seen before. The hallucinatory sounds and the vivid imagery revolving around the new single “Hasjasjeen” actually enhance your listening experience. Furthermore, watching this clip is an excellent way to clearing the mind from any thought.

At first glance, the introductory scene leaves you in a state of uncertainty. Afterward, there’s a splendid mix of rockish instrumentals and chilled electronic music. By the same token, rolling dark harmonies over epic basslines is the reason why your heartbeat will sync with such a genuine rhythm.

hallucinatory sounds

But years before hendren rushed his way to these hallucinatory sounds, he gained a lot of knowledge and developed his skills in a Rock band. Nowadays, the underground musician, carpenter, roadie lover, and father is happily leading his path towards individual success. His lyrics already mark a difference by exploring unconventional subjects like mental health and addictions.

On a side note, the Netherlands-based artist joined forces with his brother Robert-Jan Zwart for the filming of his creative projects. As a video director, he is responsible for evoking dream-like spooky atmospheres to perfection. And I swear he won’t let you take your eyes off the screen at all.

“Hasjasjeen” will be featured on hendren’s upcoming debut album 🙂 to be launched on September 10th. Meanwhile, show some love for him down here.



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