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Tasadi Interview 2014



tasadiIt’s been a great year for Tasadi with the announcement of his forthcoming Trance album ‘The Ancient Realm’. As a pioneer of electronic music, he breaks down genre and technological boundaries to entertain and unite the people of the world.

1 – Why did you choose Trance as your favorite music style?

Emotion. For me there’s no other genre that really gives the goosebumps trance does. When the progression, melodies, and sounds all come together correctly it really gives you a sense of euphoria that’s hard to find elsewhere. I do however appreciate most “good” music even if it’s not necessarily trance. As a matter of fact, if you check out CryoDistrict (a music side project of mine with co-producer Aryas) you will hear a different, more chilled music side of me, but still contains elements of trance.

2 – How many tracks have you written in your entire music career?

Hundreds. Probably have written twice as many as ones that actually got released. It all started with my first official single ‘Saturn’ signed by Cloud 9 Dance under the Armada imprint back in 2007. From the point on many others were released including tracks like ‘Time Ticks Away’ on Spinnin and ‘Lost Garden’ licensed to Black Hole & Armada. Moreover, my debut artist album “The System” came out in 2009, as well as three full mix compilations afterwards. I’ve also been on remix duties for artist such as Garth Emery, Andy Moor, and Tilt (Andy Moor).

3 – What are your Top 3 tracks at the moment?

So many, but if I had to pick three then: Solarstone & Orkidea – Slowmotion III, Heatbeat – Aerys, and of course Tasadi & Aryas ft. Christina Novelli – Seventh Kingdom.

4 – How long does it take you to make a new album?

Well that depends on a lot of factors. Lots of times you are delayed from external factors including delivery times from both co-producers and vocalist. Additionally, sometimes timelines and schedules don’t coincide well. Typically I’d say a fair estimate would be about a year though. Interestingly, on this particular album I had a computer / drive crash and completely lost a few of my tracks.

5 – Why your new album is named ‘The Ancient Realm’? Any inspiration?

Quite often many artist simply just produce a track or album and afterwards pick a random name for it. This of course is totally OK (nothing wrong about doing it that way), but for this album I did the quite the opposite. The Ancient Realm is a unique themed album in which each track corresponds to either a wonder of the world or a major landmark of the ancient era. Every single track was written with this very themed mindset in order to capture the specific wonder or landmark at hand. The use of various ethnic instrumentation mixed with modern electronic elements are heard in nearly every track in order to capture all the emotion, and to paint an aural picture of its title. I took this same approach for my first album “The System” which has an astrological / space theme.

6 – Did you collaborate with other DJs or singers for the new album?

Yes, I have always enjoyed collaborating with other artist on tracks to incorporate outside ideas to the table. This particular album features vocals from Christina Novelli, Madelin Zero, Jaeda K, and Kim Chandler. Collaborations were also done with lyrical inspirations from Catherine, co-production excellence from Jaeda K , and last but most certainly not least Aryas. Whom was not only a featured co-producer that brought compositional brillance to many key album tracks, but also a great friend that was a part of most stages of this album.

7 – What is the next single after “Seventh Kingdom”? Do you plan to make a video?

The next single after “Seventh Kingdom” is “Gates of Persepolis” which is definitely a higher octane side of me. August will be the official album release time followed up by another album single “Temple of Artemis” shortly after. Talks of a video are being done at the moment. Keep in mind there will be a CryoDistrict remix of Seventh Kingdom posted soon.

8 – Do you perform for more than one event in one day?

Typically I try not to schedule things that way … although it has happened once before in the past. Usually makes a very interesting and busy day when it does.

9 – Are you planning to tour the world this year?

In the works, and hopefully soon!

10 – What software or technology do you use to create Trance songs?

In the past, I’ve used lots of hardware to create my songs. Including the Access Virus TI, the Moog Voyager, and the Nord Lead. A SSL X-Desk connected to a SSL Alpha Link was the heart of the studio. However, with the power & speed of computer CPU’s these days, I’ve been able to go pretty much exclusively software. I’ve built myself a high end PC hosting Ableton Live along with a plethora of VSTs. Working at Sonivox (a VST / Music plugin development company) helps give me a deep understanding of the technology. Particularly for “Ancient Realm” Sylenth, Omnisphere, Trilian, and a variety of East West libraries were used all over the album. Moreover, I’ve been very picky with my monitors for many years now. After going through a countless list of monitors ranging from Genelec to Adam to Dynaudio and more, I’ve finally settled on my trusty Focal Twin’s.

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