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Techno Church In Sweden Attracts Hundreds Of Young People



A church in Stockholm, Sweden has organised a mass set to Techno music to combat dwindling attendance rates. Reuters reports the initiative has attracted hundreds of young people to All Saints Church. Vicar Olle Idestrom said it has been encouraging to see the youth spending their Friday night at church.
‘We didn’t quite expect this to become the resurrection it has. It has truly become a big deal. We are very grateful for that, it is fantastic that people who wouldn’t usually attend church wants to celebrate mass on a Friday evening,’ he told Reuters.
The vicar is a fan of Techno himself and wanted to use modern music to celebrate Christianity. He plans to hold more Techno masses in the new year and even take the idea on tour.

Well, I’m agnostic but this church looks pretty interesting, don’t you agree with me? lol

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