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Techno & House Music Makes You Think Everyone Is Happy



Listening to Techno and House music can be one way to put you in a good mood on the way into work. But beware! it can also make you think that everyone else feels just as happy as you do.
Researchers have found that listening to different types of music on an iPod or car stereo can dramatically change the way we think about others.
The findings suggest that listening to upbeat music can make your day more bearable – and create the illusion that you are surrounded by happy, contented people.
Lead researcher Dr. Joydeep Bhattacharya tested the effects of 120 electronic dance music songs on mood and perception. His team played 46 volunteers 15-second snatches of sounds before showing them a selection of faces and asking them to decide if each one was happy, sad or neutral.

Listening to sad music made the volunteers more likely to judge the faces as sad, while upbeat music made the faces appear happier.

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