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Tecknik Interview 2015



tecknik interview
David Ponce aka Tecknik is one of the most sought-after young producers in the growing Deep House scene. I had an interview with him, which will let you know his thoughts on today’s music and of course special details about himself that you didn’t know before. I really hope you like it!!!

1 – Tell us more about yourself and how you ventured into the electronic music scene.

My name is David Ponce, I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. For me, mashups and mashup culture have been something that’s inspired me ever since I was young. My dad played a huge roll in introducing me to English Synth-Pop and Electronica as well as Mashups. I started the Tecknik project back in 2011 when I decided that I wanted to start making these type of edits. I was very active in an online music group on and this was effectively the foundation for what led me into original productions and all to come. It’s been a long time and I’ve met and collaborated with several talented producers which enabled me to hone my craft and develop an iconic, Tecknik, House sound.

2 – Are we living a House music revival era?

House music and its iconic 4-on-the-floor rhythms have been a staple in dance music for almost as long as it’s been around. As much as it’s true that certain “in” styles come and go I think House music is that universal element that really glues the dance music community together. From the influence of other genres to the groovy rhythmic basslines and catchy chord progressions, it’s great to see that right now there is a demand for that old-school and new-school House vibe.

3 – Do you admire or dislike Deep House acts such as Disclosure? Got any favorite song?

I really love Disclosure and their UK Garage style. Their track “White Noise” feat. AlunaGeorge is insane. The production talent that AlunaGeorge brings to the table, along with the Disclosure boys and sweet vocals, crafted a master piece. My title track off the album: “The Future”, was greatly inspired by “White Noise”. I loved their high pitched melodic riff, it was so catchy and I wanted something just like it to drive the track!

4 –Is Deep House music getting too commercial now? Is that good or bad?

I think the signature ‘Future’ House synth is something that is slowly fading out but I don’t think Deep House is getting to a point where it’s “Too Commercial”. After all, the more people exposed to a sound the better, right? I think as a certain sound or element starts to become over-used there will be a new element to freshen things up, but certainly the want for the genre doesn’t disappear. House is great because it’s so flexible, you can take it any direction you want to go. I love the newer stuff MK (marc kinchen) has been coming out with because it’s true to his roots and the roots of old school House music. Conversely we have artists like Taiki Nulight who’s just breaking into the big-leagues and blowing us all away with his iconic “Night Bass” style. I think the more people can be exposed to house the better.

5 – Name 1 song that is your guilty pleasure.

L.T.D. – Dont Stop Loving Me (1978) – listen here.

6 – Why do you think you have been recognized as a multi-genre talent?

‘Tecknik’ has very well been a multi-genre producer. Starting Tecknik was my discovery project; I started as a DJ, then mashup artist, and now producer. The transitions weren’t always so clean cut either and especially when diving into original production I had to discover my own artistic taste. I’ve released my first record with Revamped Recordings in the summer of 2014 and that was, although not the cleanliest track, a successful electro-hit. However I figured that the electro-genre wasn’t what I was after. I tried dubstep on a collaboration with Tarro and Dirty Sprites that was released through’s label imprint, YourEDM Records and was supported by a few artists and big names such as Victor Niglio. Even so, I’ve always had a thirst for House Music and after a short pause to learn the genre and other technical facets of production I returned with a style and sound that I am proud to call my own. I’m able to finally say that I’m 100% happy with the direction that I’m taking and the sounds that I’m creating.

7 – How would you describe the sound of your latest EP ?

The title of the EP is ‘The Future’. I feel that it represents a future of House music and the direction that the genre could follow. It’s a mix of exciting, hard-hitting, and energetic Future House paired with a fusion of Garage and Hip-Hop elements followed by a much different and contrasting, blissful experience. This 2nd track is important in my opinion as it allows the listener to travel to a different place, away from what’s currently saturating the market. It’s a cool and calming track graced by the vocals of the ever-so talented Kathryn MacLean and treated with an anthemic Progressive House remix by none other than National Riot. The whole EP is a combination of Futurism and bliss ultimately leading the listener to a state of pure Trance.

8 – Is there any upcoming remix for your popular track “The Future”?

Judging on the success of each track and the EP as a whole there’s always a possibility of future edits and maybe even competitions.

9 – How do you think technology will grow the DJ industry?

Technology will only make the industry much more accessible to those who are looking to branch in. Ultimately I think the spotlight will eventually shift from the DJ to the Producer arena and that’s when we’ll see a true divide in those who are only DJs and those who both produce and DJ. However, yes the industry is rapidly growing and only getting larger.

10 – What do you have planned for the rest of the year?

I have several, powerful, House tracks and a couple remixes lined up and I’m very excited to get the ball rolling so everyone could hear them. My main goals are to continue producing quality music and further branding the Tecknik name and sound through live shows and music releases.


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