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Tellus & Omi Drop ‘Alpha’, An Amazing Trance Album!



Tellus & Omi Drop 'Alpha', An Amazing Trance Album!
Tellus & Omi is a cosmic collaboration between two Trance DJs, John Odin and GEO-D. Both already established artists on their own, the merge of their musical and DJing styles created a solid following amongst the Trance and underground community in southeast Asia and beyond.

John Odin, one of the founders of Trance Til Dawn, the only premier Trance group in Manila, met GEO-D in the Philippines during their regular monthly shows named “United Under Dance”. The two eventually started to perform together throughout the country at various venues and festivals creating a steady but loyal fan base.

In 2016 both collaborated on a track with vocalist Khai Lim called “Breakwater” which was released on Carpe Noctem Inc, topping the label’s charts. Shortly after their first collaboration, John Odin and GEO-D decided to join forces and create a collaboration proudly representing the flag of Trance music.

Tellus & Omi’s first album, ‘Alpha’, is an album that embodies both artists’ love for Trance music. GEO-D’s progressive sound along with John Odin’s dark tech-trance influences are noticeable in each track, creating a brazen statement that echoes directly to the listener.



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