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Tensteps Talks Expectations For His Winter 2023 Tour — Interview



is taking his highly-energetic and unmissable live performances all across the United States. The DJ and music producer is currently joining Andrew Rayel’s ‘Lifeline US Tour’ and playing at iconic venues in LA, Orlando, Houston, Chicago, and Portland.

His unbeatable sound and style certainly put his name high on the list of DJs to follow, making his Winter 2023 tour a must-see. We talked with Tensteps to learn more about this tour, how he prepared for it, and what he’s looking forward to.

1 — Hello Tensteps! How are you?

Doing great! Currently sitting in my hotel room in LA getting ready for tonight’s show!

2 — You recently announced the dates of your Winter 2023 Tour supporting Andrew Rayel, how did this opportunity to join him come about?

Anyone who knows my career knows that Andrew’s been a big part of it from the beginning. He signed many of my first releases, and has basically been my mentor since I started Tensteps. I’ve played a couple of shows with him in the past but this is the first time I’m joining him on a multi-date run. I was hanging out with him in LA late last year, and we were talking about his album tour and we both thought it would be great if I could join a couple of the dates, so we reached out to a few of the promoters and luckily they were on board with bringing me on, so big thanks to all of them!

3 — Where will you be performing?

Tonight, I’m in LA at Academy, tomorrow is Vanguard in Orlando, next weekend is RISE Rooftop in Houston and Prysm in Chicago (one of my favorite clubs I’ve ever played), and then in March I’ll be on the Portland show. The break in the middle will be spent getting married, haha.

4 — How are you planning your shows? What can your fans expect from these shows?

Meticulously, haha. I’ve been working on these sets since we started confirming these dates a while back, so there’s plenty of new edits to play.

5 — Are you bringing new songs with you?

Absolutely! Anyone at these shows is going to be treated to some never-before-heard IDs and some brand-new remixes of some of my already-released songs.

6 — How do you get ready for touring?

Aside from obviously preparing my sets, I’m hyper-organized especially when it comes to logistics and documentation. So, I’ll put all my receipts for flights and hotels into a folder, I’ll make a spreadsheet with all info for each date, and I get super detailed with it. And then as I advance the shows, I actually put together what are called “day sheets” with all the info for each date including my flight, hotel, set time, who my contact at the venue is, and all the info for my flight to the next show. So, I’m very meticulous about that so that not only do I not mess up anything while I’m on the road, but also to make sure I haven’t overlooked anything in advance that could cause problems.

7 — What would you say are your touring essentials?

Other than the obvious things like USBs and my phone, I would say comfort things. A comfortable pair of shoes, sweatpants/gym shorts for traveling, things like that. I can’t deal with a cross-country flight in jeans, haha.

8 — What’s your favorite part about going on a tour?

Meeting fans for sure. The DMs I get in the days leading up to a show asking if I’m playing their favorite song, or telling me it’s their first time seeing me and they’re so excited, that stuff makes me so happy. It sort of validates everything I put all this effort into.

9 — Where would you like to play that you haven’t yet?

I would love to play internationally. Playing in Amsterdam would be a dream. It’s such a Dance music mecca, that would absolutely be goals for sure.



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