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TGYE’s Album ‘Vibez In The P.M’ Sets New Standards In Hip-Hop



It’s rare to come across artists as original and authentic as TGYE (aka Thank God You’re Eternal). Certainly, he injects a whole fresh style of Hip-Hop to the underground scene. He sets new standards by bringing out 7 outstanding tracks to the table with the album ‘Vibez In The P.M’. On this record, the North Carolina-born talent envelops your senses with melodic bops. Best of all, each tune has its own essence to kill boredom. From my view, it offers an energetic listening experience from start to finish. Plus, good vibes and spectacular flow all around.

On this point, this material has reached over 10K streams on Spotify. “Remember This” serves as a good example. It is based on a short story that talks about being confused and lost. Here the message is clear, he makes a call for overcoming fears so that you can beat down the boundaries. At the end of the day, finding a better way to your life seems to be the path. The whole composition involves captivating acoustics and smooth rap verses. TGYE has announced that he will be releasing a music video for “Haunted” on September 3rd.

Interestingly enough, he admits his main influence is Classical music. Therefore, you can tell he prefers slow beats than loud ones. He was lucky enough to be raised in a musical environment. Someday he aspires to become a great artist. That’s exactly how he wants to be remembered in the future. Needless to say, passion is energy, so it’s time to put that into action every single day.



By Erick Ycaza

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