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The 40 Best Songs Of 2022 — Electro Wow’s Definitive List



best songs of 2022
The 40 best songs of 2022 are finally here! Year after year, Electro Wow recognizes the talents and achievements of mainstream and independent artists. Inspired by the Grammys and the American Music Awards, this list is equally valuable and important.

There are different categories for each music genre. International singers and producers were chosen based on the criteria of creativity, catchiness, and overall quality.

Besides that, it’s worth mentioning the selection process goes beyond performance on charts or streaming numbers. Enjoy it!


The Weeknd – Out Of Time

“Out of Time” by The Weeknd stands out largely due to a sample of a song called “Midnight Pretenders” by Tomoko Aran. Nobody can deny those retro synthesizers fit so well with his singing voice. This is the third year in a row that Abel makes it to the list of the 40 best songs on this blog.

DESIRE – Telling Me Lies

DESIRE used their favorite instruments to create a soundtrack for an imaginary vintage movie. With church bells in the background, “Telling Me Lies” is simply ear candy that tells a story of love and lust.

Nouveaux – Illusions

Nouveaux is a fresh band that aims to influence the future of Electro-Pop in Canada. Their first single of 2022, “Illusions,” is very enjoyable to listen to and its music video has an 80s New Wave atmosphere that you will instantly love!

Camp Crush Shadows

The chorus of “Shadows” was designed to be infectious, memorable, and easily singable. Such a secret formula makes the whole composition shine. Definitely, Camp Crush is a husband-and-wife duo to keep an eye on…

MELØ – Black Leather Fantasy

Many will agree MELØ’s “Black Leather Fantasy” is reminiscent of an 80s classic. It’s a song that doesn’t fail to give off mysterious and enigmatic vibes while grabbing your attention from start to end.


James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari

Written almost three years ago and released in 2022, “Ferrari” is a banger that always set clubs and festivals on fire. James Hype and Miggy Dela Rosa’s collaboration is super dope thanks to the driving basslines, the Spanish guitars, and the accompanying vocals. Everything is perfect!

Aluna, Diplo, Durante – Forget About Me

Here’s an uplifting song about overcoming past heartbreak and learning to love oneself. Aluna, Diplo, and Durante are a dream team. Their complementary skills and the electrifying vocals made “Forget About Me” an irresistible dance hit.

Oliver Tree, Robin Schulz – Miss You

Believe it or not, there are two versions of “Miss You” released through different record labels. Beyond the controversy, both are fast-paced EDM cuts featuring heavy use of piano chords. Obviously, everyone’s favorite is the one produced by Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz. The visuals above say it all!

Tungevaag – In My Zone

Curiously, it took Tungevaag about 6 months to create this incredible club anthem. Moreover, the high-energy beats, plus the outstanding vocals contribute to the emotional impact of this track. Also, if you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious saga, you’ll be captivated by his music video.

Jax Jones, MNEK – Where Did You Go?

This year Jax Jones pushed himself to experiment with Eurodance tones. As a result, “Where Did You Go” can be described as 100% satisfactory. Likewise, MNEK hit the big notes flawlessly like never before. When these geniuses work together, they never disappoint.


Kristina Sky, Danny Stubbs, Evan Henzi — Rollercoaster

Trance producers Kristina Sky and Danny Stubbs have composed a musical backdrop that is subtle, attractive, and captivating for Evan‘s strong and emotionally charged singing. In short, “Rollercoaster” is a great song that can easily get stuck in your head.

JES – All Or Nothing

JES always delivers the best tracks that touch the soul and “All Or Nothing” is no exception. This time, heartfelt and powerful lyrics combine well with her passionate aura. Plus, she perfectly knows how to elevate the meaning of any tune.

Romy, Fred again… – Strong

To put it simply, this masterpiece entitled “Strong” will remind you of the classic sound of Vocal Trance. Surprisingly, Romy and Fred again… are new artists that are rising in popularity in leaps and bounds. Minimalist aesthetics paved the way for their visuals, which reflect something deep.

Tolvai Reni – Love Got You

The talent of Tolvai Reni is like a hidden gem. She proves to have the aptitude to collaborate in the future with big names in the game like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Markus Schulz. Clearly, “Love Got You” is just the beginning of more surprises!

Miyuki – Would You Love Me

Miyuki left her career in science to pursue her lifelong passion, music. “Would You Love Me” feels magical and delicate. Intimate and relatable lyrics come to life thanks to her beautiful vocals. The build-ups/drops are fantastic.


Honey Dijon, Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece, Mike Dunn – Work

Honey Dijon’s new album ‘Black Girl Magic’ includes a solid hit called “Work” that encourages you to enjoy House music and the positive energy of dancing freely. It features a splendid combination of brass, beats, and bass.

Myst Milano – No Shade

“No Shade” by Misty Milano is a tribute to the Ballroom scene. It was founded by a subculture within the LGBTQ+ community that is centered around organized events called balls. What’s more, voguing (dance style) is the norm as seen in her iconic video.

Chloé Caillet, Mikhail Beltrán – NYWTF

“NYWTF” represents the underground rhythm of New York’s party circuit. The joint effort between Chloé Caillet and Mikhail Beltrán will put the classic groovy vibes again o the map. Just dance the stress away and have some fun with pure House music.

Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shante – Reels

There’s a great synergy between Bob Sinclar and Roxanne Shanté on “Reels.” The legendary rapper is known for her pioneering role in the emergence of Hip-Hop as a mainstream genre in the 80s. I’m so glad to see her in full force through this amalgam of urban and housey textures.

Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal – B.O.T.A.

Recognized as the viral summer smash of 2022, this list wouldn’t be complete without “B.O.T.A.” produced by Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal. Moreover, it contains a sample of Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s timeless classic, “Let The Beat Hit ‘Em.”


Kylie Minogue – Miss A Thing

Kylie Minogue‘s facet as a Disco star is quite astounding. “Miss A Thing” is a refine and sophisticated single only for those of you who have good taste in music. In addition, the Aussie diva hypnotizes you and makes you dance straight away.

Lizzo – About Damn Time

It’s “About Damn Time” to see Lizzo reach the top! In the blink of an eye, her funky beats, plus, her funny and confident personality conquered the entire world this year. I bet you put this song on repeat the whole day…

Diana Ross – I Still Believe (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

American diva Diana Ross needs no introduction. The Purple Disco Machine remix of her wonderful song “I Still Believe” meets the high standards of quality and it deserves all the praise in the universe. Period.

Sean Finn, Lotus, The Pointer Sisters – Automatic

Sean Finn and Lotus have dusted off a powerful jam from The Pointer Sisters, called “Automatic.” Unquestionably, it received the proper cutting-edge treatment that is expected to have a significant impact on the dancefloor.    

Javi Star, Mark Picchiotti – Beautiful High

Javi Star‘s soulful vocals on “Beautiful High” showcases his ability to communicate the emotions of this song in an authentic way. Not to mention, producer Mark Picchiotti serves up the perfect balance of instrumentals and a sexy groove. All these small details are enough reason to boogie!


Madonna, Tokischa – Hung Up On Tokischa

Over the years, Madonna has had the ability to reinvent herself. Indeed, her recent work with Dominican rapper Tokischa is evidence of what I’m talking about. The hottest version of “Hung Up” can’t go unnoticed. With every beat and every note, these ladies will lift your spirit.

Pailita, Young Cister – Caminemos De La Mano

Reggaeton is a versatile style to such an extent that it can also be romantic. By all means, that’s the case of “Caminemos De La Mano.” Chilean artists Pailita and Young Cister have conveyed emotions effectively for those of you who still believe in love.

Standly – Pégate

Today Standly is huge in Chile and across Latin America. “Mi Gata” and “Pégate” bring out his craziest rhymes, which are an invitation to get your feet dancing. A young promising artist that is breaking records!

Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 (Remix)

Hailing from Spain, Bad Gyal recruits Beny Jr for the remix of “Flow 2000.” Aside from the new arrangements, their flow is energetic, dynamic, and contagious. They combine elements of Reggaeton, Dembow, and Latin Pop to perfection.

Alejo – Se Enamoró De Un Reggaetonero

Newcomer Alejo has been on everyone’s lips this year for his excellent music. “Se Enamoró De Un Reggaetonero,” tells the story of a fan who fell in love with the fame and money of a Reggaeton artist. Broadly speaking, it’s highly danceable and extremely engaging.


A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid – Rave The Planet

The “Rave The Planet” parade in Berlin, which took place last summer, was organized with the goal of reviving the Loveparade tradition while promoting peace, love, unity, and respect. Electronic music producers ASY*S and Kai Tracid were chosen to create this dope anthem!

Will Sparks – Dreaming

This is a Techno heater that incorporates elements such as strong percussion and acid synths. It’s designed to create an energetic and immersive listening experience, whether played in a club setting or individually. Will Sparks is recognized for his distinct style and bold production techniques.


Hardwell’s “FCKING SOCIETY,” is an interesting exploration of ravey soundscapes, which differ from his previous cuts. The song’s atmosphere, which is dark, tense, and menacing, enhances the theme of protesting against the system in a futuristic setting.

Maddix – Heute Nacht

Maddix achieved success by performing at festivals and clubs with the hard-hitting piece “Heute Nacht,” which embodies the genuine sound of a rave party. The Acid Techno lines are the driving force behind this gem creating a feeling of ecstasy!

Will Clarke, Ammara – Techno Tree

“Techno Tree” is a peak-time Techno track released on Will Clarke‘s record label, All We Have Is Now, and has received support from many international DJs. The pounding beats with relentless kicks may transport you to a wild and exciting place when you close your eyes…


Dillon – Cry Bebe

The lyrics of “Cry Bebe” seem to refer to emotions such as pain, fear, and doubt, as well as the ups and downs of life. No doubt, Dillon adequately interprets this message through her unique vocal range. Delicate singing often involves conveying a sense of vulnerability, and she does it with mastery!

Pachanta – It Must Have Been Love

Who doesn’t love the covers of popular songs? Well, the thing here is that German duo Pachanta, creates a contemporary Spanglish version that sounds as awesome as the original. Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” takes a 180-degree turn in a positive way every time you hear such an original and refreshing remake.


SPLASH MULLAH is a virtuoso who has a talent for writing outstanding compositions and delivering clever rhymes with passion. His RnB masterpiece called “Your Love” celebrates the happiness and illusion of being in a relationship with a special person. It’s an automatic sing-along!

Briana Piedra – It Was Always You

Briana Piedra captivates and excels on “It Was Always You,which will remind you of the nostalgic sound of RnB. She openly reflects on her own experiences and you can tell she connects with the lyrics on a deep level. The message here revolves around overcoming obstacles.

Timebelle – $1

“$1” encourages listeners to be true to themselves and not lose their identity in the pursuit of making others love them. The alluring tune advocates for being unapologetically wild and free. For sure, Timebelle is one of the greatest bands Electro Wow discovered in 2022.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


How Many Decibels Is A Really Loud Speaker?



loud speakers
Have you ever asked yourself what makes a speaker really loud? No matter if you are a music enthusiast or a home cinema fan, in order to have a great audio experience it is important to understand the science behind decibel levels.

In this article, we are going to explore the world of decibels and reveal the secrets of really loud speakers. We will also guide you through the factors you need to take into consideration before you buy your loudspeaker. So, let’s get started!

What Are Decibels?

Before we start talking about loudspeakers it is important to understand the measurement units used to express sound levels – decibels (dB). Decibels are units that measure the intensity of sound. There is one thing you should know – when you increase the sound by just 10dB the loudness of the perceived sound doubles. This is the reason why just minor changes in the decibel ratings can have a great impact on your listening experience.

What Decibel Range Is Considered Loud?

To make it easier to understand this we have made a short list of the common sound levels and then the number of decibels for each:
• Whisper: 30 dB
• Normal conversation: 60 dB
• Vacuum cleaner: 70 dB
• Lawnmower: 90 dB
• Live music concert: 100-120 dB
• Jet engine at takeoff: 140 dB

As you can see, the sound levels can vary significantly. A speaker producing 100 dB or more is typically considered loud, however, this can be different depending on the person listening.

What Is The Decibel Level For A Speaker To Be Considered Really Loud?

A really loud speaker typically produces sound at a level of around 100 decibels (dB) or higher. Decibels are a unit used to measure the intensity of sound. For reference, normal conversation is about 60 dB, while live rock concerts can reach 110-120 dB. Keep in mind that prolonged exposure to sounds above 85 dB can cause hearing damage.

How Do Loudspeakers Work?

Loudspeakers transform electrical signals into sound waves by using a diaphragm to vibrate and produce sound. In simple terms, the larger the diaphragm and the more powerful the amplifier driving the speaker, the sound output will be higher.

So an essential factor to determine the loudness a loudspeaker can produce is the decibel rating.

What to Look for in a Loud Speaker

Before you buy a loud speaker system it is important to take the following factors into consideration. This should help you get the right level of loudness.

loud speakers
Speaker Sensitivity

Measured in dB, speaker sensitivity indicates how effectively a speaker can convert power into volume. Speakers that have higher sensitivity will use less power to produce more volume. On average the sensitivity will be around 85-88 dB. However, a sensitivity of 90 dB or higher is considered excellent.

Amplifier Power

The speaker will be louder if you use a more powerful amplifier. Make sure that the wattage output of the amplifier is compatible with the power handling capacity of the speaker you want to buy.

Room Size

Another factor that plays an important toe in determining the appropriate loudness is the size of your listening space. You will need a more powerful speaker if you are going to use it in a large room. This will help effectively fill the space with sound.

Listener Preferences

Take your own listening habits and preferences into consideration. If you prefer to listen to music at higher volumes or you want an improved home cinema experience. You are going to need a speaker system that can produce higher decibel levels.

Understanding the Risks of Excessive Sound Levels

Although loud speakers can improve your listening experience it is important to understand the risks associated with extreme sound levels. Being exposed to sounds above 70 dB for a longer period of time can result in permanent hearing damage. Therefore, you need to practice safe listening habits all the time and use hearing protection when necessary.


In the end, we have to say that it is really important to understand the science behind decibel levels. This can help you improve your audio-listening experience. As for the decibels, the most important thing to know is that even minor changes in the decibel rating can significantly impact your listening experience.

If you plan to buy a loudspeaker make sure to take the following factors into consideration: speaker sensitivity, amplifier power, room size, and your own listening preferences. While loudspeakers can enhance your listening experience, you have to be aware of the negative effects of prolonged exposure to excessive sound levels. If necessary, consider using hearing protection or just start practicing safe listening habits. This should help you enjoy your music or home cinema audio with optimal loudness and safety.

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The Best DJ Controller Of 2023: Numark Mixstream Pro Go



The Numark Mixstream Pro Go is the best DJ controller of 2023! It’s the first console ever that’s both all-in-one and battery-powered. And get this—it can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi!

That means you can use up to six different streaming services if you’ve got subscriptions for them. I’m talking about Amazon Music, Beatport Link, Beatsource Link, Soundcloud, TIDAL, and Dropbox.

Numark Mixtream Pro
But wait, there’s more! With this awesome device, you can even analyze the music from those streaming services without needing any desktop apps. It does all the analyzing internally, so it’s super convenient. It’s like having a DJ studio right at your fingertips!

Best of all, the Numark Mixstream Pro Go is affordable and comes with two built-in speakers in its casing. It even has a cool 7-inch touchscreen that lets you easily browse through your playlists and load up songs.

Not only that, but you can also add some sick effects to your tracks like Echo, Flanger, Delay, and Phaser—all right there on the controller.

Finally, I think battery-powered controllers are particularly advantageous for outdoor performances, where access to power may be limited or non-existent. According to some reviews, the battery of this controller lasts approximately 4 hours, which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

battery powered DJ controller

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A String Of Differences: The Cello vs. The Double Bass



cello vs double bass
When it comes to stringed instruments, the cello, and double bass may seem quite similar. After all, both are played with a bow and have a distinct deep sound. However, some key differences between the two instruments set them apart from each other. In this blog post, we’ll explore the differences between the cello and double bass, including their size, sound, and technique. Whether you’re an aspiring musician or simply curious about the differences between these two instruments, read on to learn more!

What is the cello, and in what musical directions does it occur?

The cello is a string instrument from the violin family and is usually the highest-pitched string instrument in an orchestra or string quartet. It has a deep and sonorous tone and is often seen as the ‘soul’ of an ensemble. The cello produces sound by drawing a bow across four strings, tuned to the notes C2, G2, D3 and A3.

The cello can be found in almost all styles of music, from classical and orchestral pieces to pop and jazz. It is an extremely versatile instrument, being able to move easily between different genres and settings. Its sound can range from beautiful, haunting melodies to powerful and driving rhythms.

If you are interested in learning the cello, there are many avenues you can take. There are dedicated cello teachers who offer one-to-one tuition in the instrument and group cello classes that teach you the fundamentals of playing. Alternatively, if you prefer to learn on your own terms, plenty of online tutorials are available. Cello lessons are available for those looking to get a deeper understanding of the instrument, which will help develop your skills further.

No matter how you decide to learn, the cello is a rewarding instrument to master. With a little bit of practice, you, too, can be on your way to mastering its wide range of sounds!

Comparison of double bass and cello

The cello and the double bass are both bowed string instruments. The main difference between them is the size, as the cello is much smaller than the double bass. The cello is a four-stringed instrument with strings tuned to the same four pitches as the viola. It is usually played in the sitting position, with the cellist’s feet placed on a footstool. Meanwhile, the double bass is a much larger instrument with four or more strings, generally tuned to an octave below the cello. It is played standing up, typically using a strap over the shoulder for support.

In terms of sound, the cello has a more melodic tone, while the double bass tends to provide more of a rhythmic foundation in a musical ensemble. The cello also offers more soloistic possibilities due to its higher range and melodic capabilities.

In terms of playing technique, the cello uses fingering and shifting, which allows for faster playing. Meanwhile, the double bass has more of a rhythmic focus, so it often utilizes bowing and pizzicato techniques.

If you’re interested in playing either of these instruments, you can find a private teacher or take cello private lessons near me at your local music store. Private cello teachers will be able to guide you through learning the basics of playing the instrument and eventually teach you how to play all types of music, from classical to pop and jazz. You can even take cello music lessons online if you don’t have access to an instructor locally.

Why learning to play the cello is easier for beginners

For many musicians, the cello is seen as an easier instrument to learn than the double bass. While both instruments use strings and a bow to create music, some key differences make playing the cello a great choice for beginners.

Firstly, the cello is smaller and lighter than the double bass. This makes it easier for beginners to maneuver, particularly young students in beginner cello lessons for kids. As the cello is held upright, it is much easier to adjust the posture and find a comfortable playing position than with the larger and heavier double bass.

Secondly, the strings on the cello are thinner and lower in tension than those on the double bass. This means that beginners can produce a beautiful tone without putting too much effort into their bow stroke. This also enables them to learn techniques like vibrato and pizzicato more quickly.

Finally, the fingering patterns on the cello are much more logical and easier to remember than those on the double bass. The positions of the notes on the fingerboard remain consistent regardless of what key you are playing in. This helps to build muscle memory more quickly, enabling beginners to quickly progress through beginner cello lessons.
For these reasons, learning to play the cello is often considered easier for beginners than learning to play the double bass. Whether you are looking for beginner cello lessons for kids or adult classes, choosing the cello will give you a great foundation in music theory and performance.

In conclusion, it’s clear that the cello and double bass are two unique instruments. Each has its own range of tones and notes, as well as its own distinct style. Cello lessons Toronto offer cello classes for all ages, from kids cello lessons to cello lessons for adults, making it the perfect instrument for any musician. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, the cello is a great choice for mastering the art of string playing.

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