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The 40 Best Songs Of 2022 — Electro Wow’s Definitive List



best songs of 2022
The 40 best songs of 2022 are finally here! Year after year, Electro Wow recognizes the talents and achievements of mainstream and independent artists. Inspired by the Grammys and the American Music Awards, this list is equally valuable and important.

There are different categories for each music genre. International singers and producers were chosen based on the criteria of creativity, catchiness, and overall quality.

Besides that, it’s worth mentioning the selection process goes beyond performance on charts or streaming numbers. Enjoy it!


The Weeknd – Out Of Time

“Out of Time” by The Weeknd stands out largely due to a sample of a song called “Midnight Pretenders” by Tomoko Aran. Nobody can deny those retro synthesizers fit so well with his singing voice. This is the third year in a row that Abel makes it to the list of the 40 best songs on this blog.

DESIRE – Telling Me Lies

DESIRE used their favorite instruments to create a soundtrack for an imaginary vintage movie. With church bells in the background, “Telling Me Lies” is simply ear candy that tells a story of love and lust.

Nouveaux – Illusions

Nouveaux is a fresh band that aims to influence the future of Electro-Pop in Canada. Their first single of 2022, “Illusions,” is very enjoyable to listen to and its music video has an 80s New Wave atmosphere that you will instantly love!

Camp Crush Shadows

The chorus of “Shadows” was designed to be infectious, memorable, and easily singable. Such a secret formula makes the whole composition shine. Definitely, Camp Crush is a husband-and-wife duo to keep an eye on…

MELØ – Black Leather Fantasy

Many will agree MELØ’s “Black Leather Fantasy” is reminiscent of an 80s classic. It’s a song that doesn’t fail to give off mysterious and enigmatic vibes while grabbing your attention from start to end.


James Hype, Miggy Dela Rosa – Ferrari

Written almost three years ago and released in 2022, “Ferrari” is a banger that always set clubs and festivals on fire. James Hype and Miggy Dela Rosa’s collaboration is super dope thanks to the driving basslines, the Spanish guitars, and the accompanying vocals. Everything is perfect!

Aluna, Diplo, Durante – Forget About Me

Here’s an uplifting song about overcoming past heartbreak and learning to love oneself. Aluna, Diplo, and Durante are a dream team. Their complementary skills and the electrifying vocals made “Forget About Me” an irresistible dance hit.

Oliver Tree, Robin Schulz – Miss You

Believe it or not, there are two versions of “Miss You” released through different record labels. Beyond the controversy, both are fast-paced EDM cuts featuring heavy use of piano chords. Obviously, everyone’s favorite is the one produced by Oliver Tree and Robin Schulz. The visuals above say it all!

Tungevaag – In My Zone

Curiously, it took Tungevaag about 6 months to create this incredible club anthem. Moreover, the high-energy beats, plus the outstanding vocals contribute to the emotional impact of this track. Also, if you’re a fan of the Fast & Furious saga, you’ll be captivated by his music video.

Jax Jones, MNEK – Where Did You Go?

This year Jax Jones pushed himself to experiment with Eurodance tones. As a result, “Where Did You Go” can be described as 100% satisfactory. Likewise, MNEK hit the big notes flawlessly like never before. When these geniuses work together, they never disappoint.


Kristina Sky, Danny Stubbs, Evan Henzi — Rollercoaster

Trance producers Kristina Sky and Danny Stubbs have composed a musical backdrop that is subtle, attractive, and captivating for Evan‘s strong and emotionally charged singing. In short, “Rollercoaster” is a great song that can easily get stuck in your head.

JES – All Or Nothing

JES always delivers the best tracks that touch the soul and “All Or Nothing” is no exception. This time, heartfelt and powerful lyrics combine well with her passionate aura. Plus, she perfectly knows how to elevate the meaning of any tune.

Romy, Fred again… – Strong

To put it simply, this masterpiece entitled “Strong” will remind you of the classic sound of Vocal Trance. Surprisingly, Romy and Fred again… are new artists that are rising in popularity in leaps and bounds. Minimalist aesthetics paved the way for their visuals, which reflect something deep.

Tolvai Reni – Love Got You

The talent of Tolvai Reni is like a hidden gem. She proves to have the aptitude to collaborate in the future with big names in the game like Armin van Buuren, Paul van Dyk or Markus Schulz. Clearly, “Love Got You” is just the beginning of more surprises!

Miyuki – Would You Love Me

Miyuki left her career in science to pursue her lifelong passion, music. “Would You Love Me” feels magical and delicate. Intimate and relatable lyrics come to life thanks to her beautiful vocals. The build-ups/drops are fantastic.


Honey Dijon, Dave Giles II, Cor.Ece, Mike Dunn – Work

Honey Dijon’s new album ‘Black Girl Magic’ includes a solid hit called “Work” that encourages you to enjoy House music and the positive energy of dancing freely. It features a splendid combination of brass, beats, and bass.

Myst Milano – No Shade

“No Shade” by Misty Milano is a tribute to the Ballroom scene. It was founded by a subculture within the LGBTQ+ community that is centered around organized events called balls. What’s more, voguing (dance style) is the norm as seen in her iconic video.

Chloé Caillet, Mikhail Beltrán – NYWTF

“NYWTF” represents the underground rhythm of New York’s party circuit. The joint effort between Chloé Caillet and Mikhail Beltrán will put the classic groovy vibes again o the map. Just dance the stress away and have some fun with pure House music.

Bob Sinclar, Roxanne Shante – Reels

There’s a great synergy between Bob Sinclar and Roxanne Shanté on “Reels.” The legendary rapper is known for her pioneering role in the emergence of Hip-Hop as a mainstream genre in the 80s. I’m so glad to see her in full force through this amalgam of urban and housey textures.

Eliza Rose, Interplanetary Criminal – B.O.T.A.

Recognized as the viral summer smash of 2022, this list wouldn’t be complete without “B.O.T.A.” produced by Eliza Rose and Interplanetary Criminal. Moreover, it contains a sample of Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam’s timeless classic, “Let The Beat Hit ‘Em.”


Kylie Minogue – Miss A Thing

Kylie Minogue‘s facet as a Disco star is quite astounding. “Miss A Thing” is a refine and sophisticated single only for those of you who have good taste in music. In addition, the Aussie diva hypnotizes you and makes you dance straight away.

Lizzo – About Damn Time

It’s “About Damn Time” to see Lizzo reach the top! In the blink of an eye, her funky beats, plus, her funny and confident personality conquered the entire world this year. I bet you put this song on repeat the whole day…

Diana Ross – I Still Believe (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

American diva Diana Ross needs no introduction. The Purple Disco Machine remix of her wonderful song “I Still Believe” meets the high standards of quality and it deserves all the praise in the universe. Period.

Sean Finn, Lotus, The Pointer Sisters – Automatic

Sean Finn and Lotus have dusted off a powerful jam from The Pointer Sisters, called “Automatic.” Unquestionably, it received the proper cutting-edge treatment that is expected to have a significant impact on the dancefloor.    

Javi Star, Mark Picchiotti – Beautiful High

Javi Star‘s soulful vocals on “Beautiful High” showcases his ability to communicate the emotions of this song in an authentic way. Not to mention, producer Mark Picchiotti serves up the perfect balance of instrumentals and a sexy groove. All these small details are enough reason to boogie!


Madonna, Tokischa – Hung Up On Tokischa

Over the years, Madonna has had the ability to reinvent herself. Indeed, her recent work with Dominican rapper Tokischa is evidence of what I’m talking about. The hottest version of “Hung Up” can’t go unnoticed. With every beat and every note, these ladies will lift your spirit.

Pailita, Young Cister – Caminemos De La Mano

Reggaeton is a versatile style to such an extent that it can also be romantic. By all means, that’s the case of “Caminemos De La Mano.” Chilean artists Pailita and Young Cister have conveyed emotions effectively for those of you who still believe in love.

Standly – Pégate

Today Standly is huge in Chile and across Latin America. “Mi Gata” and “Pégate” bring out his craziest rhymes, which are an invitation to get your feet dancing. A young promising artist that is breaking records!

Bad Gyal, Beny Jr – Flow 2000 (Remix)

Hailing from Spain, Bad Gyal recruits Beny Jr for the remix of “Flow 2000.” Aside from the new arrangements, their flow is energetic, dynamic, and contagious. They combine elements of Reggaeton, Dembow, and Latin Pop to perfection.

Alejo – Se Enamoró De Un Reggaetonero

Newcomer Alejo has been on everyone’s lips this year for his excellent music. “Se Enamoró De Un Reggaetonero,” tells the story of a fan who fell in love with the fame and money of a Reggaeton artist. Broadly speaking, it’s highly danceable and extremely engaging.


A*S*Y*S, Kai Tracid – Rave The Planet

The “Rave The Planet” parade in Berlin, which took place last summer, was organized with the goal of reviving the Loveparade tradition while promoting peace, love, unity, and respect. Electronic music producers ASY*S and Kai Tracid were chosen to create this dope anthem!

Will Sparks – Dreaming

This is a Techno heater that incorporates elements such as strong percussion and acid synths. It’s designed to create an energetic and immersive listening experience, whether played in a club setting or individually. Will Sparks is recognized for his distinct style and bold production techniques.


Hardwell’s “FCKING SOCIETY,” is an interesting exploration of ravey soundscapes, which differ from his previous cuts. The song’s atmosphere, which is dark, tense, and menacing, enhances the theme of protesting against the system in a futuristic setting.

Maddix – Heute Nacht

Maddix achieved success by performing at festivals and clubs with the hard-hitting piece “Heute Nacht,” which embodies the genuine sound of a rave party. The Acid Techno lines are the driving force behind this gem creating a feeling of ecstasy!

Will Clarke, Ammara – Techno Tree

“Techno Tree” is a peak-time Techno track released on Will Clarke‘s record label, All We Have Is Now, and has received support from many international DJs. The pounding beats with relentless kicks may transport you to a wild and exciting place when you close your eyes…


Dillon – Cry Bebe

The lyrics of “Cry Bebe” seem to refer to emotions such as pain, fear, and doubt, as well as the ups and downs of life. No doubt, Dillon adequately interprets this message through her unique vocal range. Delicate singing often involves conveying a sense of vulnerability, and she does it with mastery!

Pachanta – It Must Have Been Love

Who doesn’t love the covers of popular songs? Well, the thing here is that German duo Pachanta, creates a contemporary Spanglish version that sounds as awesome as the original. Roxette’s “It Must Have Been Love” takes a 180-degree turn in a positive way every time you hear such an original and refreshing remake.


SPLASH MULLAH is a virtuoso who has a talent for writing outstanding compositions and delivering clever rhymes with passion. His RnB masterpiece called “Your Love” celebrates the happiness and illusion of being in a relationship with a special person. It’s an automatic sing-along!

Briana Piedra – It Was Always You

Briana Piedra captivates and excels on “It Was Always You,which will remind you of the nostalgic sound of RnB. She openly reflects on her own experiences and you can tell she connects with the lyrics on a deep level. The message here revolves around overcoming obstacles.

Timebelle – $1

“$1” encourages listeners to be true to themselves and not lose their identity in the pursuit of making others love them. The alluring tune advocates for being unapologetically wild and free. For sure, Timebelle is one of the greatest bands Electro Wow discovered in 2022.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


The Evolution Of Dance Music: How It Has Shaped The World



The Evolution Of Dance Music
Music has always played a significant role in shaping cultures and societies. From classical compositions to modern genres, each era has brought its own unique sound. But perhaps one of the most influential genres of all time is dance music. How has dance music evolved over the years, and how has it left its mark on the world?

Dance music has a rich history, dating back to ancient civilizations, where rhythmic beats and melodies were used for celebrations and rituals. Over time, dance music has evolved and adapted to different cultures, giving rise to various subgenres and styles. Today, it’s a global phenomenon, with millions of people around the world embracing its infectious rhythms and energetic vibes.

The evolution of dance music has not only shaped the way we move and groove, but it has also had a profound impact on society, fashion, and even technology. From the disco era to the rise of electronic dance music, this article will explore how dance music has transformed the world and continues to be a powerful force in shaping our collective experiences.

How Dance Music Created Subcultures

Dance music has played a significant role in creating various subcultures throughout history. For example, genres like techno, house, hip-hop, and punk have provided individuals with a distinct musical identity.

These genres often have specific characteristics, such as unique rhythms, beats, and lyrics, that resonate with certain groups of people. By identifying with a particular dance music genre, individuals can form subcultures around shared musical preferences.

What’s more, dance music subcultures are often associated with distinct fashion and style trends. From the colorful outfits of the rave culture to the punk-inspired fashion of the electronic music scene, dance music has influenced fashion choices and aesthetics.

These unique styles act as visual markers of subcultural identity, allowing individuals to express themselves and differentiate from mainstream culture.

Dance Music in TV and Movies

Music that caters to the dance scene has had a significant impact on the world of TV and movies, shaping the way stories are told, enhancing visual experiences, and influencing audience emotions.

This type of music has become an integral part of soundtracks and scores in TV shows and movies. The energetic beats and catchy melodies of the music help to create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere, setting the mood for different scenes. Whether it’s a high-energy action sequence or a romantic moment, dance music adds excitement and emotion to the storytelling.

The music has inspired and influenced numerous dance sequences in TV and movies. From iconic dance scenes in movies like “Saturday Night Fever” and “Dirty Dancing” to elaborate dance sequences in TV shows like “Glee” and “So You Think You Can Dance,” this music has provided the rhythm and inspiration for captivating performances that entertain and captivate audiences.

How Dance Music Shaped the Gaming Industry

You don’t have to go out partying to enjoy your favorite tracks anymore. Players can dance at home with specific interactive dance and party games. Players stand on an interactive mat. They then have to copy the moves on their screens by stepping on the symbols on the mat.

Dance tracks help create an immersive gaming experience by enhancing the atmosphere and amplifying emotions during gameplay. From fast-paced action sequences to intense boss battles, this music adds excitement and adrenaline to the gaming world.

Dance Music and Its Influence in Clubs

Dance music has a significant influence in clubs. Its infectious beats and catchy melodies create an energetic and lively atmosphere, encouraging people to dance and let loose. The driving rhythms and pulsating basslines create a sense of excitement and anticipation, enhancing the overall club experience.

The use of technology in music production allows DJs and producers to manipulate and remix tracks in real-time, adding an element of spontaneity and creativity to the club environment.

Throughout the years, this type of music has evolved from swinging jazz in the 20s to the disco era and then to EDM and fusion.

Final Thoughts

The evolution of dance music has had a profound impact on our world. From its humble beginnings to its current global influence, it has shaped culture, connected people across borders, and provided a platform for expression and creativity.

Its ability to unite people on the dance floor and transcend language barriers is a testament to its power. As dance music continues to evolve and adapt to new trends and technologies, we can expect it to continue shaping the world and bringing

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What Music Is Currently The Most Popular Among Students



popular music among students
Students from different levels often listen to music to keep off the stress that comes with schoolwork and other related academic tasks. Besides, music helps students live in the moment. Some research shows that some students listen to music as they do homework.

One student says, “When I want to do my project, I always put on cool music because the smooth rhythms help me focus and concentrate better.” This is among the many other reasons why many students love music. However, there are different types of music, and you will find a specific music is popular among many students. While different students have different preferences when it comes to listening to music, this guide uncovers the most popular music loved by many students.

Benefits of listening to music while studying

Several studies have proven that music impacts learning in many positive ways. Among the advantages or benefits students get while listening to music include the following:

Music enhances motivation

When studying, it is quite easy to lose the urge or psych to continue with the tasks at hand, especially when you are all alone. Adding some cool music with the rhythms you enjoy the most will keep you motivated to finish the task. Therefore, before you begin the studying process, create a personalized playlist with the tunes you enjoy the most. Listen to the tunes as you study, and you will not be tempted to procrastinate.

Help release stress and anxiety

Music creates a therapeutic experience, especially when listening to your favorite tunes. For once, you will forget all the worries and stress that have been blocking your mind. As a student, you will then feel alive and a happy soul, thus focusing on tasks ahead. If you are stressed, you won’t be in a better position to study well.

Improves focus

The brain has two distinct focus systems. One system helps us focus on unconscious events, while the other system helps us focus on conscious happenings. Unconscious happenings are things like distractions and background noise. Both systems work in a cycle, and this explains why we often shift our focus from what we are doing to such forms of distractions. The same can happen when a student is studying.
When listening to music while studying at the same time, the brain will occupy the unconscious part, which is listening to music (a pleasurable experience and not distractive noise) while allowing a student to maintain focus on their studies.

Boost memory

Good memory is significant for every student. A good memory will help students remember the concepts studied in class and how to apply the same concept, especially during a test or exam.

Through music, the soothing melodies and rhythms reactivate the section of the brain that deals with memory. Therefore, when studying and listening to music at the same time, you can easily relate what you are learning based on what you are listening to, thus improving memory. Having the ability to remember things means excellent performance.

Most popular music among students

We have different forms of music, and students often have their favorites. The list below highlights the most preferred music among many students:


Many students admire and love Hip-Hop music because of the style, inspiring melodies, and the wire collection of different tunes. Ideally, Hip-Hop advocates for freedom of speech, and this is exactly what many students yearn for.

What’s more, Hip-Hop creates an inspiring party experience, allowing students to stay chilled on their own, discuss other things, and just interact as they create memories.


Especially when doing homework, the soothing rhythms and melodies of RnB’s always come in handy for many students. What’s more, many students love listening to these songs during gym sessions or during athletes. The motivation that comes with RnB is unmatched. Even when you are having trouble concentrating on assignments, this genre will always make sure you bounce back and finish that assignment by motivating you.

Pop Music

The catchy melodies and tone of Pop music are what captivate student’s attention. In fact, several surveys show that most students will choose Pop music as their first option.

Jazz and Country

Contrary to what many people believe, some percentage of students actually prefer Jazz and Country music at any given time. Ideally, the percentage of students who prefer Jazz and Country music is a bit lower compared with other forms of music. This group of students often gets influenced by what their guardians or older siblings listen to, thus lacking the interest to explore some other trendy music ideas for students.


They often say music heals the soul. Ideally, music plays many other roles, especially in a student’s life. As a student, try to explore different music genres, find what you enjoy the most, and create a personalized list. This will always help you overcome stressful days and make your academic life worth every effort.

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Can Audacity Reduce Background Noise?



Audacity Reduce Background Noise
In the realm of audio editing, Audacity has emerged as a powerful tool for enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its array of features and functionality, it has become a go-to software for enhancing the quality of recordings.

One of the challenges often faced by audio editors is background noise, which can significantly detract from the overall clarity and professionalism of a recording. However, Audacity offers a solution to this problem with its noise reduction tools. Using these tools, users can effectively minimize unwanted background noise and achieve a cleaner audio output.

This article aims to explore the capabilities of Audacity in reducing background noise, providing step-by-step instructions, and offering additional tools and effects for a more comprehensive noise reduction process. By following the best practices outlined, users can attain mastery in using Audacity to achieve professional sound quality.

Key Takeaways

● Audacity has noise reduction tools to minimize background noise.
● Choosing a quiet location and using a high-quality microphone can help record clean audio.
● Soundproofing techniques and noise cancellation software can further reduce background noise.
● Microphone placement and noise reduction techniques are essential for improving audio quality.

Audacity’s Noise Reduction Tools

Audacity offers a range of noise reduction tools that allow users to reduce background noise in their audio recordings effectively. One of the key features of Audacity is its noise reduction algorithms, which are designed to tackle common challenges in reducing background noise.
These algorithms analyze the audio waveform and identify sections that contain noise, such as hums, hisses, or clicks. They then apply filters or adjustments to reduce or eliminate these unwanted sounds, resulting in cleaner audio recordings.

However, it is essential to note that the effectiveness of Audacity’s noise reduction tools can vary depending on the specific audio recording and the nature of the background noise.

Tips for Recording Clean Audio

To achieve clean audio, it is important to choose a quiet location for recording to minimize background noise. A high-quality microphone can help capture more transparent and accurate sound. Minimizing background noise during recording is crucial to ensure clean and distraction-free audio.

Choose a quiet location for recording

Selecting an environment free from excessive noise pollution is a prudent measure to optimize the quality of audio recordings, making music sound perfect. To achieve this, implementing soundproofing techniques can be beneficial.

During post-production, noise cancellation software, such as Audacity, can enhance the audio quality. This software allows users to isolate and remove unwanted sounds, contributing to the overall perfection of the music.

With the help of noise cancellation software, musicians and audio engineers can fine-tune their recordings and eliminate any imperfections, ultimately achieving the goal of making the music sound perfect.

Use a high-quality microphone

A high-quality microphone captures pristine audio recordings, ensuring optimal sound clarity and fidelity. When recording, the placement of the microphone plays a significant role in achieving the desired results. Placing the microphone close to the sound source helps to minimize background noise and capture the intended audio accurately.

Positioning the microphone at an appropriate distance and angle is important to obtain the best sound quality. Employing noise reduction techniques such as a pop filter or windscreen can enhance the audio by reducing unwanted noise caused by plosives or wind interference.

Minimize background noise during recording

To achieve an audio recording free from any unwelcome interruptions, it is imperative to meticulously address the issue of intrusive sonic disturbances that may detract from the desired audio quality. Minimizing microphone interference and removing static noise are essential steps in this process.

To minimize microphone interference, it is crucial to use a high-quality microphone shielded from external interference sources. Proper microphone placement and distance from the source can also help reduce unwanted background noise. To remove static noise, it is recommended to use a noise gate or a noise reduction tool in Audacity.

The Step-by-Step Process of Reducing Background Noise in Audacity

Reducing background noise in Audacity involves a series of precise adjustments that gradually eliminate unwanted sounds, unveiling a clearer and more focused audio recording. To achieve this, it is important to understand the concept of noise cancellation and the common audio editing mistakes that can hinder the effectiveness of the process.

● Identifying the specific noise profile is crucial, as it allows Audacity to create a profile that serves as a reference for the software to distinguish between the desired audio and the background noise.
● Applying the noise reduction effect using the noise profile helps reduce unwanted noise while preserving the quality of the desired audio.
● Adjusting the sensitivity and frequency smoothing parameters can enhance noise reduction, ensuring a more precise and accurate result.
● Previewing and fine-tuning the settings allows for evaluating and adjusting the noise reduction effect before applying it to the entire audio track.

Additional Tools and Effects in Audacity for Noise Reduction

One valuable resource in audio editing is the availability of supplementary tools and effects that can be employed to enhance the clarity and precision of recorded sounds. Audacity, a versatile audio editing software, offers additional tools and effects for noise reduction.
One such tool is Audacity’s noise gate, which eliminates unwanted background noise during silent audio parts. This feature is particularly useful in reducing constant low-level background noise.

Audacity also provides equalization settings, allowing users to adjust the frequency response of the audio to reduce specific types of background noise. These settings can help eliminate hissing or humming sounds, for example.

Best Practices for Achieving Professional Sound Quality in Audacity
Effective techniques and settings are essential for attaining professional sound quality in audio editing software like Audacity. To achieve this, consider the following editing techniques and post-production tips:

Proper Microphone Placement: Position the microphone strategically to capture the desired sound while minimizing background noise.
Noise Reduction Plugins: Utilize Audacity’s built-in noise reduction plugins to remove unwanted background noise from your recordings.
Equalization And Compression: Apply equalization to balance the frequency response and compression to control the dynamic range of the audio, resulting in a more polished sound.


The Noise Reduction tools in Audacity provide an effective solution for reducing background noise in audio recordings. By following the step-by-step process, users can achieve professional sound quality.

Audacity offers a range of additional tools and effects for further noise reduction. By employing best practices and recording clean audio, users can enhance their recordings and evoke a sense of precision and professionalism.

With Audacity’s capabilities, achieving precise and crisp audio is within reach, ensuring a seamless listening experience.

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