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The 40 Best Songs Of 2023 According To Electro Wow



best songs of 2023
Alright music lovers, it’s time to see who made the list of Electro Wow‘s best songs of 2023. As always,  I try to shine a light on both huge names and up-and-comers.

It ain’t just about what’s playing on repeat all over TikTok or the charts, I really dig into each song to appreciate the artistry, melody, and overall quality. Putting this together is kinda like my personal Grammys!

And as y’all know, supporting international singers and producers is quite gratifying to me. No matter what style you bump, I promise there’s something new you’ll like.


PNAU, Empire Of The Sun – AEIOU

Electro-Pop giants PNAU and Empire of the Sun team up for their catchy collab “AEIOU,” featuring mind-blowing AI animation in its video. Best of all, its uplifting message talks about maintaining your inner light and creativity despite life’s challenges. In other words, it’s a reminder to safeguard the inner paradise within yourself.

Tove Lo – Borderline

Tove Lo has explained that “Borderline” examines the messy emotions that arise when you’re teetering on the edge of love and plagued by doubts. Fans will relate to the unconventional feelings it describes and be drawn in by its addictive sound.

Seance Crasher – Chemistry

Portland band Seance Crasher unleashes their retro-influenced new single “Chemistry,” bringing cool Electro-Pop vibes. With inspired ’80s synths and an earworm chorus primed for singalongs, this track deserves to be on this list.

Soft Faith Evil

“Evil” by Soft Faith channels classic Synthpop alongside dark lyrics about destructive relationship patterns. No doubt, you will be enthralled by its Depeche Mode-esque style blending slow rhythms and alluring vocals.

Holly Ocean – Killing The Love

Holly Ocean is an enigmatic singer who wears a mask to let her music truly expose her artistry. In the music video for “Killing The Love,” her splendid vocals shine against a dramatic desert backdrop. This is art, I simply love it!


PLS&TY, Ben Samama – Upside

“Upside” generates an intriguingly danceable atmosphere, complemented by lively vocals that add an energetic touch. PLS&TY demonstrates exceptional skill in crafting tunes with diverse sonic styles on his latest EP, ‘3 Days, 2 Nights,’ and this particular one stands out as my favorite.

twocolors transports listeners to another dimension with their intergalactic track “Cynical,” featuring Safri Duo and Chris de Sarandy. Paying homage to the classic anthem “Played-A-Live,” the revamp blends interesting bongos with contemporary and futuristic beats.

Alok, Ava Max – Car Keys

Alok and Ava Max ignite the dancefloor with their pulse-pounding collaborative hit “Car Keys.” Their dynamic talents shine through on the track, delivering an addictive club weapon sure to light up any party.

Alan Walker, Dash Berlin, Vikkstar – Better Off (Alone Pt. III)

“Better Off (Alone Pt. III)” breathes new life into a 90s Dance classic with Alan Walker, Dash Berlin, and Vikkstar, marrying retro euphoria with modern beats. Are you ready to throw your hands up in the air?

Jazzy – Giving Me

Rising dance star Jazzy capitalizes on her breakout hit “Giving Me” showcasing her soulful vocals and unique flair. This amazing track climbed to #3 on the UK charts and cemented her vibrancy on Europe’s EDM scene.


Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding – Miracle

Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding take Trance back to its dancefloor-filling 2000s heyday with their inspiring collaboration “Miracle.” Repetitive beats drive its mesmerizing progression as the emotive vocals uplift you in no time.

RAM, Natalie Gioia – Forgive Me

RAM and Natalie Gioia deliver a masterclass in true Trance with their uplifting cut “Forgive Me.” Epic layered synths and a stirring piano compose an intensity that seamlessly lifts hearts.

Talla 2XLC, JES – Spread Your Wings

German DJ/producer Talla 2XLC teams up with JES for the inspiring gem “Spread Your Wings.” A beacon of hope amid negativity, JES’ wonderful singing voice never fails to impress as it matches the spectacular sound design to perfection. Beyond that, lyrics spread a message of positivity that resonates deeply.

Christina Novelli – Heavy

Christina Novelli is known for dropping music that transcends and inspires people. Pouring her heart into the vocals, “Heavy” explores love’s liberating power over melodic and atmospheric textures. Moreover, the music video is visually appealing and breathtaking, it looks like an underwater odyssey!

Nils van Zandt – Cry

Nils van Zandt transports listeners back in time with this anthem called “Cry,” a heartfelt tribute to Vocal Trance classics of yesteryear. Featuring the secret vocal talents of a Belgian icon, this song feels truly timeless.


Peggy Gou – (It Goes Like) Nanana

This year Peggy Gou went viral across the world with her summer hit “(It Goes Like) Nanana.” Effortlessly blending lush melodies, guitar-inflected House beats, and her sexy vocals, this sonic vacation whisks you straight to a serene island getaway.

Eliza Rose, The Martinez Brothers – Pleasure Peak

Eliza Rose joins forces with iconic duo The Martinez Brothers for the infectious club banger “Pleasure Peak.” Built upon a classic Chicago House bassline, this fascinating jam channels pure Ibiza dancefloor energy.

DJ Seinfeld, Confidence Man – Now U Do

Swedish House maestro DJ Seinfeld outstands this year thanks to his infectious number “Now U Do” featuring Aussie duo Confidence Man. We’re talking about a relentlessly grooving 4/4 beat that carries the track’s catchy hook and the rest is pure fun!

Mousse T., Davie – Take It Back

The legendary DJ and producer Mousse T. links with vocalist Davie and co-writer Ben Westbeech for “Take It Back.” This is a booty-shaker that shines with a pinch of R&B drums and ultra-smooth tones, channeling the golden era of House.

The Blessed Madonna, Jacob Lusk – Mercy

The Blessed Madonna bestows an instant dancefloor classic with “Mercy,” featuring Jacob Lusk‘s powerful vocals atop its rousing House beats championing compassion. In addition, this soulful production co-crafted with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs is primed to lift spirits.


QUINZE, Bob Sinclar – Never Knew Love Like This Before

Bob Sinclar and QUINZE honor the memorable floor-filler “Never Knew Love Like This Before” with their infectiously reworked version. Besides, this extraordinary collaboration introduces a classic to new generations dancing forever more…

David Bay – Dancing On The Edge

David Bay takes listeners to the precipice of emotion with his scintillating latest “Dancing On The Edge.” Retaining a melancholy soul yet pulsing with contemporary Disco heat, the talented musician artfully blends vintage keys and strings with innovative beatwork.

Cerrone – A Part Of You

The Godfather of Disco, Cerrone, pushes creative boundaries with his latest hypnotic video for “A Part Of You,” utilizing AI generation for stunningly colorful fractal visuals effortlessly syncopated to the track’s euphoric Disco charms.

Dua Lipa – Houdini

Dua Lipa electrifies everyone with “Houdini,” a Nu-Disco jam serving as a spirited glimpse into her next album’s fresher direction.Certainly, this hit solidifies Dua Lipa’s vibrant evolution at Pop music’s groovy-infused forefront.

Ultra Naté, Les Bisous – Dangerous (So Dare Me)

If you’re a fan of the Pointer Sisters’ long-lasting touchstone, “Dare Me,” you’ll love the gleeful injection of Disco grooves and sun-kissed harmonies by House music diva Ultra Naté and French artists Les Bisous. Plus, there’s an excellent balance of vintage flair and catchy modernity.


Bad Gyal, Tokischa, Young Miko – Chulo

Bad Gyal asserts her musical dominance alongside peers Tokischa and Young Miko in the dynamic “Chulo Pt. 2” remix. The renowned Spanish rapper invites her friends to imbue the Reggaeton banger with new energy through dexterous lyricism over contagious rhythms.

Bellakath, Dani Flow – Reggaeton Champagne

The viral TikTok hit “Reggaeton Champagne” by Bellakath and Dani Flow got whole crowds moving with its irresistible uptempo beat. This song creates an atmosphere of carefree celebration with an urban rhythm and explicit verses.

Standly, El Barto, Blessd – Mi Gata (Remix)

Standly unveils a freshened version of his global stratospheric smash “Mi Gata” with reinforcements from originators El Barto and Blessd. Retaining the track’s Perreo essence while injecting new fire through dexterous lyricism, this jam is super dope!

Rauw Alejandro, Miguel Bosé – Si Te Pegas

For his album ‘Playa Saturno,’ Rauw Alejandro unveiled the Reggaeton stomper “Si Te Pegas” featuring an iconic cameo from Miguel Bosé. Indeed, this ear candy marks the legendary Spanish singer’s first foray into urban music.

La Cruz – Te Conocí Bailando

Venezuelan artist La Cruz amazes with his boundary-pushing single “Yo Te Conocí Bailando,” weaving a gay narrative in his lyrics over hot Reggaeton nuances and tempos. This fresh artist has piqued my interest, and I’m already looking forward to hearing his next gems.


Lilly Palmer – Fall In Love

Lilly Palmer‘s “Fall In Love,” is destined to induce widespread dancing through vocal hooks, hypnotic textures, and beat-driven reverie. With her unique ability to inspire communal ecstasy, “Fall In Love” becomes an essential addition to box-shaking playlists.

Eli Brown – Diamonds On My Mind

Eli Brown dazzles the underground with the standout cut “Diamonds On My Mind.” His latest production pulsates with potent percussion and alluring futuristic tones that will have you pressing the repeat button.

Will Clarke – In Luv Wit U

Techno heavyweight Will Clarke bolsters his renowned status yet again with the vibrant track “In Luv Wit U.” Showcasing mastery over contemporary electronic rhythms and samples, the British producer crafts an awesome club stomper destined for party animals and dancefloors alike.

Marie Vaunt – Technology

Marie Vaunt wields her title of Techno Priestess with aplomb on the hallucinatory bomb “Technology.” From the track’s awakening beats, you will plunge into a dizzying virtuosic vision, spiraling through a dystopian sonic vale where cyber synths pulse and hi-hats compel bodies to uncensored movement.

Alisa Fox – Freedom

Layering synths and drum patterns into a euphoric crescendo that liberates minds from inhibition, “Freedom” by Alisa Fox sparks a holy rave within club walls, championing Techno’s timeless ability to foster togetherness and release through rhythm.


Songs For Sabotage – Pills

“Pills” by Songs For Sabotage is addictive as heck. The vocals are super emotional, plus, it’s totally made for singing at the top of your lungs. Indie Pop radio stations need to add this impressive tune to their regular rotation!

Charlotte Awbery – Stronger

Dude, you HAVE to check out “Stronger” by Charlotte Awbery, aka the viral London Tube singer. This song is seriously feel-good like it puts a smile on your face and a pep in your step. Not to mention, the accompanying music video totally rocks!

Luci – Girlfriend

Luci‘s “Girlfriend” emerges as a standout lesbian anthem, blending wistful vocals and an irresistible Pop melody. Moreover, the visuals feature LGBTQ influencer Alissa Butt, who delves into the complexities of commitment. In short, it’s an exceptional work from start to end.

Miley Cyrus – Flowers

Miley Cyrus surprised everyone this year with her sensational composition “Flowers,” which narrates a broken relationship reminiscent of her 2019 split from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth. Naturally, it feels like a timeless hit, which will surely stick in your mind.

Briana Piedra – Hot Hot

Briana Piedra‘s “Hot Hot” video clip is still creating a stir, drawing comparisons to a modern-day Britney Spears with her charismatic performance and sultry dance moves. Her confident and extroverted style is an added value to her top-notch musical work.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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