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The Allure of Mystic Fire Topaz



ringWhat is your favorite color gemstone? Do you prefer darker tones? Or do you prefer a stone with vibrant colors that may even have a kaleidoscope appearance? If so, Mystic Fire Topaz may be the stone you have been waiting for.

Mystic fire topaz is the only gemstone that is lab-coated to give the stone a rainbow-color. This has a very interesting rainbow color which changes as it is tilted. This is what sets it apart from other stones, since every single color can be seen in one kaleidoscopic and magical stone.

The topaz stone has been believed to have mystical, powerful and healing properties in many cultures, ranging from the Egyptians to the ancient Greeks. It is a hard gemstone that is easily breakable and should be treated with care. For those who wear topaz or keep it close to them, it is believed to be able to protect against harm, heal disturbing emotions and strengthen faith and spirituality.

This stone is also believed to help you build a stronger connection to your faith, religion or spirituality and help open the hearts of those who are around it, while protecting those whose hearts are too trusting.

The stone has been featured in almost every type of jewelry, but it is especially attractive when set in a ladies ring, the colors dancing from hue to hue as one’s hand it moved about. The stone works well coupled with either gold or silver, but for a special cosmic treat, consider a gold on silver ring such as Landstrom’s Black Hills Gold and Silver Mystic Fire Ring, Model LR625SS-471.

Reasonably priced and spectacularly attractive this ring features a 10x8mm mystic fire topaz stone set in a sterling silver ring. The four classic pink and green Black Hills Gold leaves in 12 karat gold on the sides interact gorgeously with the topaz gemstone in the center adding to the ring’s magic and power.

A perfect gift idea, this beautiful ring will Ignite her heart and make her feel loved.

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