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The Best Place In Athens To Listen To House Music



The Best Place In Athens To Listen To House Music
Nightlife in Greece is its own beast: vivid, non-stop, packed with diverse events to suit every musical need, it beckons to those fueled by an electric need to sample something completely different, yet authentic in its form. Indeed, Athens has finally achieved its nightlife Renaissance, with a nearly limitless plethora of clubs, bars, pubs, music venues and concert scenes available and ready to cater to every taste, however unconventional. One such place, incidentally the best place in the city to enjoy House Music, is the En Vogue Nightclub.

The House of Comfort

Situated in Iera Odos 76, inside the “ever awake” area of Gazi, En Vogue is a spacious brand new nightclub that combines elements of chic and baroque aesthetic with modern minimalism sprinkled with a dash of avant-garde decoration. Housing crystal-clear chandeliers and cozy, comfortable furniture, it strives to manifest an atmosphere of “homely elegance”, mixing the familiar with the peculiar, the tested with the yet unknown: such is the mystified force that pervades the nightclub’s interior space and design, that we can liken it to Edgar Allan Poe’s “House of Usher”, if the house played sublime electronic dance music and served delicious cocktails.

Speaking of which, the cocktails and drinks are crafted as separate works of art, expressing their bartender’s expertise and drive to create something tested and tried, yet at the same time personalized and inspired. Add now En Vogue’s fast and exceptional service, and you have a recipe for success.

House Music has found its Greek Home

Despite the ever-increasing popularity that Greek nightlife keeps on amassing and attracting, there has never been a genuine home for the aficionados of electronic dance music; Until now, that is. The En Vogue Club Athens offers not only a spacious dance floor for unrestrained swaying till sunrise but also supplies its visitors with both mainstream and underground House Music hits that keep on winding their feet and pumping their hearts.

EnVogue Nightclub
With unique remixes and covers of “olden goldies”, underground hidden gems and monster jams, sensational on-deck DJs sampling brand new tracks and fresh party anthems that turn into instant-classics, En Vogue strives for perfection in every sense. And how could it not? The expert team piloting this House Music Mansion has years upon years of nightlife experience, having run previously the deeply beloved Dream City Athens and finding huge success with its unique personality and modern look.

Perfect Vehicle for Perfect Music

Nowadays, it can be hard to truly appreciate House Music in all its melodic glory, with a wide range of night clubs relinquishing the technical aspect of their live events. Fortunately, this is not an issue for En Vogue, which always provides high sound quality backed by near-perfect technical expertise and sound design. The team of experts, as well as the necessary hardware and software being employed, are always working to ensure that all the basslines, the synth tones, the vocoded vocals and generally every distinct part of a House track achieves its true potential. Be assured that every musical note of each performance will burrow in your ears with surgical precision.

En Vogue Nightclub
The same caliber of high-tech equipment is used for the laser shows and the lighting design, a testament to En Vogue’s determination for acoustic and optical brilliance.

A “Protean” Nightclub in the Heart of Athens

En Vogue is the shared vision of a group of young people living in a musical environment that needs to keep on experimenting and transforming, lest it stagnates and withers. It is a fresh concept that develops a much-needed home created by House Music fans for House Music fans. Undeniably, it has already consolidated its presence among the “titans” of Athenian nightlife entertainment – and it has only now opened shop. We cannot stress this enough – every event is a one-time-only experience, a series of standalone parties that chain together to create a “protean” night club that transforms itself according to the needs and whims of its patrons. Worry not, of course, as House Music remains the core and heart of each and every event.


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Of Shows and Midnight Parties

So far, the party program includes “Blessed” Thursdays, “Showtime” Fridays and “No Filter” Saturdays, with 95.2 Athens DeeJay and DJ star Michalis Tsaousopoulos collaborating with other performers for a magnificent spectacle. Recently, “Sin City” parties were announced to be “a thing to come”, and our wonder can only be matched by our impending excitement. Of course, every show will showcase a colorful cast of varied performers, each drawn from a specific background that illustrates House Music in all its multi-faceted glory.

The Underground Has Ascended

Truly, it is a difficult task to soak up the vibrant nightlife scene in Athens, when so many clubs have raised their standards to such high extremes. Walking in the cobbled streets of Gazi, a famed destination for hardcore club-goers, one can lose himself/herself in the variety of nightlife musical venues that sprawl across the area. It is no wonder that the once underground vibes of House Music have gained a large support in Greece throughout the years, with En Vogue leading this era of revived rave, catchy beats, and musical experimentation. Oozing with groove, En Vogue has its own style and rhythm: it is a pioneer of House Music in Greece, slowly but surely combining the various forms of disco, Latin, hip hop, electro swing, techno, synth-pop, funk, soul and jazz vibes, and elevating them to mainstream status.

nightclub athens
Emotions Will Run High

To summarize: Famous DJs, upcoming virtuosos, underground performers and professional dancers meet club crawlers, party animals and House Music fans in a newly renovated venue in the heart of Athens. Laser light shows and eye-watering VFX combine with top-notch sound equipment and digital mastery to produce a truly mesmerizing experience of pure, nightlife entertainment.

Emotions will run high with housey tunes that will make your body move: this is not a promise, but a statement. This winter, Athens finally gets what it deserves, a clubber’s fantasy delivered.

En Vogue Nightclub is the new Greek home of House Music.

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