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Trending Now: The Chemical Brothers Serve Up “Goodbye” Music Video



The Chemical Brothers just dropped the music video for “Goodbye, from their newest album, ‘For That Beautiful Feeling. The mind-blowing visuals tell a deep story using cool camera tricks, colors, and effects.

Furthermore, it’s not just about actors and props; it dives into the emotional rollercoaster of losing a hardcore love. Of course, all this visual art wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t accompanied by the electronic and psychedelic rhythm that brought fame to this popular British duo.

By the same token, the drums resonate with strength and energy, and the vocals have a touch of Soul. As a result, Tom Rowlands and Ed Simons deliver such a memorable melodic escapade.

The Chemical Brothers Goodbye

The legendary bros have been rolling out visuals for their 10th studio album since last September. Actually, they kicked it off with a neon marching band in “No Reason” and followed up with a retro dance vibe in “Live Again.”

Without a doubt, it’s like The Chemical Brothers are keeping the hype alive by releasing these goodies in reverse order since the full album hit last fall. Each new video and remix adds layers to the stories they’re weaving for us listeners. Cool stuff!



By Erick Ycaza

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