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The Clever Collection



The Clever Collection
In a world filled with cookie-cutter fashion, a new brand emerges featuring designs like nothing you’ve seen before. The Clever Clothing Collection has created a line of clothing with the contemporary man in mind. Establishing themselves as a premier global online retail destination for men, with future plans to expand to kid’s as well as women’s fashion, they have emulated the essence of fashionable wear by capturing the look of high fashion. The Clever Clothing Collection has also designed a new style of clothing with regards to showing how graffiti can be artistically expressed with clothing. However controversial, they have expressed this artistic form of painting in a bold and visual way. Their unique concept refreshingly stands out in the online retail fashion market.

the clever
Hand crafted, each item in their collection is individually packaged as a commitment to the fine craftsmanship seen in every detail. They strive to ensure a continuous flow of unique and new apparel as well as accessories ideal for any fashion savvy man’s wardrobe. The Clever Collection represents the freshest trends in the retail market: an online store that recognizes and supports all voguish popularity, striving to provide them to any and all customers.

The time to re-invent your wardrobe is now! From formal to casual to sporty, you can choose from a variety of styles at Browse our collection to discover many options to fit the exact style of your life.

The Clever Collection

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