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The Color Wild Interview 2015



The Color Wild Interview 2015
Three former members of renowned indie-rock band Cheating Daylight have combined with multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter Robbie Jimenez, and Josh Hansen to form The Color Wild, an upbeat indie-pop quartet recently produced by world-class producer and drummer Robin DiMaggio. Please, read this exclusive interview below!

1 – How did you come up with the idea of creating an Indie Pop band?

Jesse – Part of the reason we enjoy being this kind of a band is that it allows us to create music that people can really move to. To be able to use music to create an inescapable feeling of joy in somebody is beyond normal or average human experience, and we are addicted to creating that feeling in our audience. Indie Pop music is fun and it is perfect for that goal!

2 – Who decides what songs will be played on the shows?

Josh – It’s actually more of a group effort. We all kind of sit around at a table with a pen and paper, decide how many songs to play, and then we all work together in figuring out which songs to play and their order. I think that it works best that way. Every set list we’ve put together has been great so far!

Jaden – Usually the process is we all sit at a table and we have a list of our songs depending how long our set it we choose whichever ones will fit the crowd best.

3 – How would you describe The Color Wild sound for someone who’s never heard it before?

Jesse – Our sound is energetic and fun! We use a lot of synth along with a ton of vocal harmonies to create a unique sound that we feel perfectly captures the feeling of being young and wild; life is meant to be enjoyed, and we make music that shouts that out for everyone to hear.

Josh – I’d say that our sound is definitely more energetic with a positive message. We like to get people moving and excited when they hear us play, so expect upbeat tempos and some catchy synths and vocals. But at the same time, if you listen closely, you’ll hear some subtle intricacies in our music that I feel you can really appreciate on a different level.

4 – What do you all do on your free time?

Jesse – I am about to graduate with a degree in Jazz Studies and Arranging, and in the spring I’ll begin working toward a Master’s Degree in Vocal Performance. I spend all of my free time playing, writing, and studying music. I will admit though, that I am an incredibly passionate sports fan, so any free time aside from my normal free time is spent watching and reading about sports.

Josh – I keep myself busy with college full time and working a part time job. Any time not spent working or studying is usually spent going out with friends or playing guitar. I play guitar. A lot.

Jaden – In my free time I am usually either playing drums, spending time with family or spending extra time at school with my leadership program.

5 – What are your Top 3 favorite bands?

Jaden – My top 3 favorite bands are 5 Seconds of Summer, Paramore, and Walk the Moon.

6 – Did you have any musical training prior to getting involved in the industry?

Jesse – I started studying music in college right about when I began getting really involved in the industry. I was self-taught until then, but my true passion for music kicked in when I entered college, and it has been instrumental (pardon the pun) in my development within the music industry!

Jaden – I had no training, I am proudly self taught! That being said, I’m learning something new every day I sit behind my kit!

7 – What’s the name of your latest single? Can we download it?

Our latest single “Lights in the Trees” is available on iTunes, Spotify, and wherever you can find music on the internet!

8 – What is this song about?

Jesse – “Lights in the Trees” is about an experience I had in which I was walking through downtown Santa Rosa and my girlfriend had pointed out that “they put the lights in the trees,” lighting up the entire street. It was a beautiful moment where I realized that life can be so beautiful, and sometimes you begin to really notice that beauty when you are with someone you care about.

9 – What’s the most rewarding aspect of working with Producer/Director Robin DiMaggio?

Jesse – Robin is so knowledgeable when it comes to instrumentation, and the most rewarding thing about working with him was the freedom he gave me to experiment with different sounds on our singles. Being able to personalize your music allows you to really create a signature sound.

10 – Are you planning a tour inside USA?

Jesse – We are currently booking dates for the rest of 2015, and getting ready to tour quite a bit in 2016. All of our tour dates can be found on any of our social sites, and people in the San Francisco bay area should be on the lookout because we are hitting that region hard in September!!

By Erick Ycaza

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